6 Best Fleshlights: #1 may surprise you

People tend to get pretty opinionated about their toys — be it cars or sex toys. So, what makes a Fleshlight the best Fleshlight? What makes it so much better than your standard, run-of-the-mill sex toy?

Maybe it’s the realistic, patented Superskin™ material. Or maybe it’s the way you can lube up, step inside, and JUST GO FOR IT. Or maybe…

The figures are in, and they show the Fleshlight has almost double the suction of a Hoover C2401. The Fleshlight has a suction of 2457 g/cm^2, while the Hoover is 1470 g/cm^2.

Ok, I made that last paragraph up. I have no idea how much suction either product has. But I can say this, no other manual masturbator on the market has the suction power of a Fleshlight. None. And I’ve tried every major brand.

So let’s begin, shall we? The goal of this post is to give you an overview of everything Fleshlight offers, so you can make the best decision should you decide to purchase one.

Fleshlight ice



@ fleshlight.com

  • Transparent design
  • See yourself in action
  • Fully adjustable suction levels
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Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit



@ fleshlight.com

  • Stamina Training Unit
  • Next-level suction
  • Realistic feel
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@ fleshlight.com

  • Inexpensive
  • Very portable
  • Easy to squeeze
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Fleshlight Turbo



@ fleshlight.com

  • Deepthroat simulation
  • Maximum suction
  • Like oral sex
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Fleshlight Quickshot



@ fleshlight.com

  • Inexpensive
  • Compact
  • For travelers
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Custom Fleshlight



@ fleshlight.com

  • Customized
  • How you want it
  • Endless combinations
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The 6 best Fleshlights

#1: Fleshlight Ice

If I could pick just one product from their lineup, it would be the Fleshlight Ice.

fleshlight ice

Want to see every stroke?

My favorite thing about Ice is the semi-transparent case and sleeve.  I love having my dick on display (a bit of an exhibitionist here…) when masturbating. Especially when I cum. This alone is what makes Ice one of the best male masturbators available.

I can literally see my member thrusting up and down. It’s hot to watch. My girlfriend loves it too!

I did a very in depth review of Ice a while back.

The suction is exceptional! This feature alone makes it a worthy purchase.

Is STRONG suction important?

It sure is to me. And Ice has it in spades. This is what makes it the best Fleshlight, in my opinion.

Sometimes when I use it, I like to turn on full suction about 10 seconds before I cum. If I time it right, it literally feels like my soul is being sucked out through the tip of my penis.

After one of these monster orgasms and subsequent ejaculations, I’m spent and need to sit and chill for 30 minutes or so. A great way to get myself completely relaxed for bed time.

If you’ve never experienced this, I highly recommend picking up the Ice, or the STU shown below. You’ll thank me later…

This toy is for you if…

  • You’re looking for an all around great performer
  • You don’t mind a full size Fleshlight and portability isn’t a concern
  • Full on suction is important to you
  • You like to see yourself getting jacked

Price: $69.95

#2: Fleshlight STU

STU = Stamina Training Unit

Do you ejaculate too quickly? Train yourself to last longer in bed with the Stamina Training Unit.

Most guys strive to put on the best performance possible when it comes to satisfying their partner in bed. Unfortunately this is easier said than done.

FACT: There’s a rather large gap in the amount of time that it takes a woman to orgasm versus a man. According to this article, on average it takes a man 5 minutes to reach orgasm. For women it’s around 18 minutes! That’s HUGE!

Since we want to be good lovers, we should never blame her because she can’t cum as soon as we’d like. It’s up to us to learn how to last longer.

And this is where the STU comes in.

fleshlight stamina training unit masturbator for men 3

Why I like it

Quite simply, it’s a sex toy for guys that’s designed to feel like a real vagina. It’s one of the tightest Fleshlights available and it’s for extra sensitive guys. The interior of the sleeve has stimulation bumps that somewhat add to the realistic feeling.

This allows it to mimic the sensation of a vagina clamping down on the penis.

The STU allows me to:

  • practice ejaculation control
  • increase my stamina so I can last longer
  • increase the volume of my ejaculations
  • ultimately boost the intensity of my orgasms

Think of the STU as a practice device. It’s like masturbating with a hand, but 10x better. It helps to instill discipline and confidence in the fact that you really can learn to control your orgasms.


This is the best Fleshlight to build sexual stamina

Here’s how I did it.

For 1 month, I used the STU 3 to 4 times per week. My goal was to gradually increase the amount of time I could use it before ejaculation. This took some serious mental gymnastics to make it happen, but it worked!

Each time I trained, my goal was to last an extra 30 seconds. So for day 1 the goal was to last for 5 minutes. The next session I tried to last 5 minutes and 30 seconds. And so on.

At the end of 1 month I was able to hit the 20 minute mark. Mission accomplished!

This toy is for you if…

  • You want to increase your stamina in bed
  • You don’t mind a full size Fleshlight and portability isn’t a concern
  • Full on suction is important to you

Price: $69.95

#3: FleshSkins

If cost is your primary concern, look no further than Fleshskins. This is the best Fleshlight if money is your primary concern.

As a result of the lower price point, there are a few things you don’t get that are normally standard on higher end models. Here are some CONS:

1. It’s an “all the way through” design. This means that it’s open on both ends. This is good because it makes cleaning easy. Bad because it might not cover the entire penis (depending on your length).

2. There’s no hard outer case. This is a hallmark of Fleshlight, and it creates the suction that keeps me coming back for more. This thing lacks the case and the suction. Major bummer.

3. It feels cheap. Like rubbing Jell-O around on my penis. This doesn’t make it a bad product, but I feel that similar results can be obtained by purchasing a less expensive pocket pussy.

But never fear, there are some benefits as well! Check out these PROS:

1. Pressure is easily controlled by grip. If you like to grasp your dick really hard when masturbating, not having a hard outer case makes things a LOT easier.

2. The included drying rack is really nice. It seemed like a cheap gimmick at first, but after using it I’m completely sold. It’s helpful to be able to hang it up to dry. This helps keep fuzzies and hair from sticking to it.

With included drying rack

This toy is for you if…

  • An inexpensive toy is important to you
  • You want something small and portable
  • You like to use your hand to control the pressure on your penis

I’m personally not a huge fan of Fleshskins, but they do have their place. It all depends on your masturbation goals!

Price: $39.95

#4: Fleshlight Turbo

For the ultimate deep throat experience

I’ve read numerous reviews of this product and many users would disagree with me on this pick. But in my personal opinion, the Turbo is the most intense product.

Fleshlight makes the claim that their Turbo lineup will give you the ultimate deep throat experience. And for the most part, I agree. The feeling upon insertion is more like being taken in than thrusting into it.

Personally, I’ve only encountered a handful of women who could actually deepthroat my cock.

I’ll qualify that by saying I’m just an average guy in length, so I’m certainly not big by statistical standards. That said, I certainly don’t fault the vast majority of women for not being able to do this. I know for a fact that I couldn’t do it!

While there’s no sex toy that could perfectly stimulate a real life deep throating, this device accomplishes the feat reasonably well, based on my own personal experiences.

Here’s how it simulates deep throating

As you look at the picture above, you’re notice that the hole at the top seems to “float” above the sleeve. This is a unique feature that’s not present on any other product in the Fleshlight lineup at this time. Upon insertion this floating piece of silicone simulates the feeling of the cock sliding across her lips.

Than, as you slide in a bit further, the resistance builds and the sleeve tightens up around the penis. This is meant to simulate the cock entering her throat.

The entire experience of using this thing from initial insertion to full penetration is exquisite, to say the least. I definitely come back to this one again and again!

This toy is for you if…

  • You want to have a blowjob-like experience
  • You don’t mind a full size Fleshlight and portability isn’t a concern
  • Full on suction is important to you

Price: $69.95

#5: Fleshlight Quickshot

If you’re like me, it’s nice to have sex toys that you can travel with.

Traditional Fleshlights are often big and bulky with cases reaching 9 inches (23 cm) in length! If TSA decides they need to inspect your overnight bag to explore the contents, it could lead to an embarrassing (or humorous) situation. I prefer something smaller and inconspicuous for occasions like these.

Enter Quickshot…

3 reasons why I like Quickshot

It’s small

It has a total length of 4.4 inches (11 cm) and easily fits inside larger shaving kit bags. This isn’t a whole lot bigger than the average guy’s hand. Nice and portable, I say!

It’s discreet

This goes hand in hand with being small. When both of the end caps are attached, 99% of people would have no idea what it is.

It’s easy to clean

Because of the compact size, the sleeve that slides over the penis is quite short. This makes it very easy to clean. This is probably the easiest Fleshlight toy to clean and maintain.

Quickshot is great for “quickies”

BONUS: not only is this great for travel, but it’s perfect for guys who live in cramped quarters. Much easier to keep away from prying eyes in living situations like these:

  • college dorms
  • small apartments with rommates
  • still living at home with parents
  • if you live with a significant other who hates sex toys

This toy is for you if…

  • You want something small and inconspicuous
  • You want a toy that’s really easy to clean
  • You like to travel with toys

Price: $34.95

#6: Custom Fleshlights

If you’re like me, making a decision is hard when there are so many choices. Fortunately for the indecisive folks that can’t find exactly what they want, Fleshlight makes it easy to build your own customized toy in 4 easy steps!

If you want to try it yourself, head over to Fleshlight.com and start building your very own toy, right here.

Here, I’ll walk you through it. I’ll be selecting the following options:

– blue case

– lady orifice

– “heavenly” inner texture

Step 1: select your case color.

Step 2: select your orifice

Step 3: select your inner texture

You probably noticed I didn’t include a step 4. Well, that’s because the last step is for adding accessories, none of which are really necessary.

With that said, if there’s one accessory that’s really useful, it’s the shower mount. It’s a great way to have a hands free wank in the morning before heading off to work! However, I don’t find it worth the asking price of $30, but since I couldn’t find a cheaper solution, I bought it anyway.

Custom Fleshlights are for you if…

  • You’re looking for a very specific orifice or inner texture.
  • None of the standard combinations offered appeal to you.
  • You have an entire closet full of these and want something different.

Price: $69.95

Why should I buy a Fleshlight?

I’ve been asked this question more than a few times:

“Dave, why do you have such a hard on for Fleshlight? There are tons of other masturbators out there, what makes this one so special?”

I mean, if you’re going to use a sex toy, why not get the best one?

Fleshlight is the world’s leading manufacturer of male sex toys. Their products are designed to mimic the sensation of real-life sex as closely as possible.

And they’re very good at it.

Fleshlights are made of medical-grade silicone and come in a wide variety of designs — some molded after specific porn stars, others designed to feel like other parts of the body (like mouths or butts). Inferior toys are often made of inferior materials (like TPE) that don’t last as long and don’t feel quite as natural.

3 reasons why I feel this brand is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition:

Fleshlight toys are just sexy. Most toy manufacturers make products that look…ugly. They function OK, but they just aren’t appealing to look at. I’d much rather stick my penis into a visually appealing toy than some weird looking hunk of plastic that resembles something pulled from the garbage dump.

Wicked suction. I’ve tried lots of masturbators over the years and none of them even cum close to the soul sucking power of Fleshlight. Seriously, when I want my next ejaculation to be literally sucked out of my penis, I turn the vacuum all the way up. All smiles while I bask in the afterglow of a magnificent orgasm.

No other brand comes close in the suction department, and I’ve tried ’em all. This includes products from Tenga and Pipedreams. Yes, those are fun, but if it’s suction you’re after Fleshlight is the only game in town.

Discreet options. They offer some really nice toys that are truly incognito and easy to tuck away into an overnight bag or suitcase. That said, I have different Fleshlights for different occasions. Some stay strictly at home, stored in my bedroom dresser. Others are my travel toys, that get to go on vacation with me.

There are even versions that have tight sleeves for your penis and looser ones for anal play.

Why do Fleshlights have so much suction?

For me, maximum suction gives the best orgasm. I love lots of suction right at the point of climax. The sensation of having an orgasm sucked out of my cock is one of the most exquisite feelings in the world, aside from prostate massage. It’s similar to a blowjob where the giver lets you cum in their mouth as they suck all the juices out of your cock.

The PROS and CONS of Fleshlights


  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Excellent suction
  • Unmatched orgasms


  • Cleaning can be a chore
  • Large, not portable
  • Somewhat expensive

Final Takeaways

As I stated at the beginning of this post, Fleshlight has something for everyone. Colors, themes, purpose…they have it all. At the end of the day, your personal preference determines which one is the best Fleshlight for you.

If you like a see-through case, the Ice is your best bet. Wanna train yourself to last longer in bed? The Stamina Training Unit is the right one for you. Need something portable that discreetly fits in an overnight bag? FleshSkins will fit the bill. Grab the Quick shot for something that feels good and will be relatively portable.

Remember, good suction is a hallmark of this product line. In my humble opinion, it should be at the top of your list when comparing masturbators from any other manufacturer.

Fleshlights are amazing male masturbators and is one of the few toys I comeback to again and again. There’s nothing like the feeling of a good dick sucking. And no male sex toy does this better!

Last but not least, remember that all sex toys require lube!


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