Can You Sleep With A Butt Plug?

Adult toys are a popular choice for satisfying sexual urges. There’s a variety of toys available for both men and women. A more common item is a butt plug, which is preferred by many. However, if you are wondering can you sleep with a butt plug? The answer is yes and no.

To clarify, it depends mainly on how you go on about it. A majority of people use adult toys due to several reasons. For instance, being single, spicing up their intimate lives, and assistance in achieving a good orgasm while masturbating.

What is a Butt Plug Anyways?

It’s common knowledge that butt plugs can be exciting. However, what is a butt plug anyways? There is a misconception that butt plugs can be intimidating. On the contrary, that is not true.

Butt plugs and anal vibrators can be fun to play with. In addition to using them during masturbation, you can also use them with your partner. If you are a newbie with toys and not sure where to begin, butt plugs are a great start!

There is a variety of these products for you to choose from, silicone plugs, vibrating plugs, and glass plugs. Moreover, you can also buy a butt plug precisely designed for prostate massage.

Furthermore, if you want to prepare for anal intercourse, butt plugs can be a major help.

A Guide to Using Butt Plugs for Beginners

Here’s a piece of advice. If it is something that is going to be inserted inside your body, you should always do your homework first.

Now then, let’s move on to how to properly use butt plugs.

1. Always Lube it Up!

Always lube it up! Unless you are curious how it feels to drag a piece of clothing over a cactus. Unlike the female genitalia, the anus does not produce its lubricant. That is to say, there will be a lot of friction and pain involved.

Therefore, it is always recommended to apply lots of lube for maximum comfort and safety. The lubricant will not only make the experience smoother but is safer and reduces the risk of injury along with tearing and soreness.

Moreover, it reduces pain and increases pleasure. However, if you are going to be working with silicone butt plugs, make sure you only use water-based lube. To clarify, silicone lube has a bad reaction with silicone toys.

2. Start Slow

Just as with any adult toy, don’t go in there with guns blazing. Start gently and slowly, take it easy, and pick up the pace as you become more comfortable.

You must be relaxed for proper enjoyment of butt plugs. If you are going to initiate with a partner, make sure you discuss the expectations and concerns beforehand. Similarly, if you are going solo, ensure that you start with a smaller butt plug and don’t advance unless you are fully comfortable with it.

Once you are comfortable, feel free to go for larger or more advanced butt plugs.

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3. Learn How to Massage the Prostate

Above all, the prostate is a significantly sensitive gland and it can bring a lot of satisfaction when stroked properly. The point can be located approximately 2 to 3 inches up the front wall of the anus.

Yes, getting it right can help both men and women achieve orgasm only through stimulation in the anus. Moreover, the orgasm achieved from anus stimulation is said to have a more intense feeling that can cause the entire body to throb.

4. Enjoy the Pressure

Using a butt plug induces pressure on the back of the vaginal wall. This increases the level of sensation a person can experience.

The pressure from butt plugs not only makes vaginal penetration more enjoyable for the partner but also oral sex. When the climax is achieved, the orgasmic contractions surrounding the butt plug increase in intensity. This further stimulates the nerve endings around the anus, making the entire process more enjoyable.

5. Consider Using a Butt Plug for Penetration with a Partner

For someone with a vagina, having a butt plug inside can cause sensations for both the giver and receiver. That is to say, the male partner will also feel a different sensation while penetrating.

Inserting a butt plug reduces the space in the pelvis, this tightens the vagina and makes it more textured. Therefore, whether your partner is penetrating with their penis or stimulating you with fingers, they are highly likely to notice a difference.

Sleeping with A Butt Plug Inside

Given the number of preparations, you have to make before, during, and after using a butt plug, it is advised that you shouldn’t sleep with one inside. However, some people are comfortable sleeping with one inside.

Think of it this way, you have an alien object inside your body while you are asleep and fully unaware. Any twist or turn can lead to possible injury.

Furthermore, if you are still curious and want to give it a go, it is recommended that you use plenty of lube so it doesn’t dry up overnight and use the right size.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, sleeping with a butt plug is not recommended. On the other hand, a lot of people are eager to do so. In such cases, preparation is recommended. The guideline discussed in this article covers the essentials of using a butt plug.

Therefore, if you want to have the experience of sleeping with a toy inside, you should always use enough lubricant. In addition, make sure you choose a suitable lubricant for the material of the butt plug. As aforementioned, for silicone-made butt plugs, a water-based lubricant is recommended.Butt plugs are fun and can boost up your intimate life. Therefore, as long as you are careful, feel free to experiment without pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Finally, after knowing all the tips and guidelines, if you are wondering about a suitable butt plug for you, these best butt plugs will surely stand out to you!


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