Urethral sounding: a KINKY guide for beginners

Five years ago, heck, even a year ago, if someone told me that I’d find pleasure with urethral sounding, I’d have laughed in their face.

Times change, though…

Recently, a good friend of mine, who is into S&M, told me about this awesome yet slightly taboo pleasure. It involved inserting a slightly curved metal rod into my penis. Since he knew i was a kinky guy, he thought I’d really enjoy it. He explained to me what it was and gave some suggestions for where I could get my own sounds.

So I tried it. He was wrong. I didn’t like it. I LOVED it. Here’s my story.


So what is urethral sounding?

It’s sometimes referred to as penis or cock sounding or stuffing. This is when you take a metal rod, called a sound, and slide it into your urethra.

People use it for both pleasure and pain. Once you get used to it, you can easily accomplish both. Personally, I’m not into the pain thing.

Here’s my personal experience: when inserted, it makes my penis very sensitive and responsive to external stimuli. For example, a light brushing of the hand across my erect member feels magnified. Even more intense is light masturbation with the rod inserted. When I say light masturbation, I mean applying a very light grip with a hand and slowly stroke up and down.

It’s unique. It’s misunderstood. It’s a bit taboo. But it’s a lot of fun!



Table of contents

  1. Sounds vs. Plugs. There IS a difference.
  2. Three things I learned about sounding
  3. The tools (sounds) you need.
  4. Penis Plugs. Similar but different.
  5. Use plenty of the PROPER lube.
  6. How to do it.
  7. When it’s over.
  8. Cleaning up.



This guide covers the basics for safe play

Keep in mind that this guide is designed with the beginning cock sounder in mind. I’ll provide my personal experiences, and make suggestions based on my experience as a complete beginner. Kinda like Sounding 101.

Yes, there are a thousand different implements and methods for sticking things in your penis. But in this post, I’m mainly concerned with keeping things safe, yet fun.


Hegar 8 piece set for urethral sounding

Here’s my first set. Some stainless Hegars. High quality AND inexpensive!


1. Penis plugs vs. Sounds

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand the difference between sounds and plugs. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are quite different in form and function.



  • Both are used in urethral play
  • Both are inserted into the tip of the penis
  • Both can enhance sexual pleasure


  • A penis plug is meant to be worn during sex and masturbation activities, kind of like jewelry. Some are solid, and some are hollow, to allow urine and ejaculate to pass through.
  • Penis plugs are usually shorter and sometimes have ribs or notches to keep them from slipping out.
  • Urethral Sounds are primarily longer (sometimes long enough to reach the bladder) and generally smooth.
  • Sounds can be moved in and out while playing. Kind of like massaging the inside of the penis. Kinky! Only use small, gentle strokes.


A urethral sound on the left. A hollow penis plug on the right.



2. Three things that I learned about sounding

1. Urethral sounding feels pretty awesome, once I got some practice and overcame the “ewwww” factor. It was primarily a mental block that kept me from truly enjoying this activity, not a physical one.

2. I’m willing to try almost anything sexual, and cock stuffing rates a solid 10 out of 10 on my personal kink scale!

3. The cost of entry is very low. For less than $30 US, I got an entire set of stainless steel sounds and some lube. Penis plugs can be purchased for less than $15 US.




Urethral sounding can be done for both pleasure and pain. Once you get used to it, you can easily accomplish both. Click To Tweet




3. The stainless steel sounds

The urethral sounding rods themselves aren’t always curved. Some are straight, some have bulbs on the end, some are S-shaped, etc. I recommend straight or slighly curved rods for the beginning sounder.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, make sure to shop around (Amazon is a great place to start) to see what is out there and what you might be interested in using. Dittel, Hegar, Pratt and Rosebud all make respectable products. I went with Hegar, based on the positive reviews and comparatively low price.

Sounds often come in sets and are fairly affordable. A good starter kit and some lube can be had for less than $30 US. My set below was $20 US. A great deal for stainless steel, in my opinion. I bought my Hegar set (the one you see below) from Amazon. Here it is.


Urethral sounding rods

Here’s Hegar set, with zipper storage case.


With that said, only use devices that were made for this type of sexual pleasure! Stainless steel is the best, most durable material you can use.

There are also silicone and plastic ones floating around on the market, but I suggest that beginning sounders stay away from these. Along with durability issues, the material could be porous, making it difficult to sterilize between uses.

And, for heaven’s sake, NEVER use a glass utensil! This includes thermometers. Not only do you risk getting shards of glass stuck in there, mercury in the urethra doesn’t sound like much fun either.


CAUTION: An accident with a non-stainless steel sound could be hazardous to your health in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, the tissue that lines your urethra is incredibly sensitive and can tear easily. If you use a sound the wrong way, you can tear the urethral wall. Don’t do this!

The pain will be excruciating and, because of the tear, you open yourself up to infections and other complications.


4. Penis plugs, stainless is best

As I mentioned earlier, these are a bit different from sounds. They perform a similar function (sexual pleasure), but they are designed to be inserted, and then left in place. Kind of like shiny jewelry for your cock!

The designs and styles available are almost limitless. Some are completely smooth. Others have ridges, like mine below. Some come with an included ring that fits over the glans. This holds it safely in place. These prices range from $5 on up. Like real jewelry, the sky is the limit.


hollow penis plug

My stainless steel penis plug. Looks naughty, right? Notice that the surface has ridges and notches. This keeps the plug from slipping out during activities. It also has a hole that goes all the way through, to let ejaculate and urine pass.


I bought this plug from Amazon as well. See it here.

The main benefit of using a plug is that it makes the penis more sensitive. Some men experience harder erections and more intense orgasms.

I’m one of the lucky guys. Even in fourties, my erections are hard like diamond when I have one of these stuffed in my erect penis. The orgasms are certainly more intense. And when I cum, it definitely shoots farther as a result of the narrower, hollow orifice. Since my girlfriend is a total cum slut, this is a win-win for both of us.

Penis plugs are perfect for beginners, especially if you’re on the fence regarding urethral play. For less than $15, this is a great way to stick your toe in the water and see if this masturbation activity is your cup of tea. If not, no big deal…and you’re not out much cash. If you end of loving it (like me), you can take the next step and grab a full set of sounds.


5. Lube up!

Lube is VERY important when sounding. When choosing a lube, stay away from those with glycerin in them, as the sugar component in these lubes can cause UTIs.

I initially thought about using one of my favorite prostate massage lubes, Passion. Upon reading the ingredient list, I realized it contained glycerin. No go. So I picked up some SurgiLube and I was ready to go.


Pro Tip: don’t use saliva!

Saliva is also not an optimum lube. Not only can it cause UTIs, but it can dry up and cause irritation and pain. Friction is the LAST thing you need when sliding a metal rod in and out of your dick.


6. How to use your sounds

The process itself is quite simple. The main thing being that if you feel pain or extreme tightness or pressure, stop. There may be scar tissue or other blockages and you don’t want to run the risk of tearing something in there.

Before doing anything, make sure your urethral sounding rods are clean and sterilized. You can sterilize your sounds in boiling water (boil for thirty minutes or so) and, when you’re ready to start, make sure your penis and your hands are both clean.

If the sounds (or hands) end up touching something not clean, you run the risk of inserting whatever bacteria it may be into your body. Wash again and start over.

Once the implements are cleaned and cooled to a safe temperature, you’ll want to lube the sound as well as the area around the penis hole. Slowly let the rod slide into your urethra, pushing gently to ease it in. The first few times it may take some time to get used to the sensations and feelings. The key is going slow.

Once you get used to the size and the feeling of something inside your dick, you can begin to experiment a little bit by switching up the size of the sound or even rotating it while inside you. This is one of my personal favorite things to do!

When it comes to size, I recommended that you start at a size larger than the smallest one until you become comfortable with the process. A smaller sound could lead to puncturing or other damage when you are not as sure-handed as you might be eventually. This is why I started with the second smallest one, second from right in the Hegar set below.


Urethral sounds made by Hegar

Hegar 8 piece set, in case. I commonly use the 2nd through 4th ones from the right. The first one is too small. And the rest are just too darn big for me!



7. When it’s over, urinate

After urethral sounding is over, you may also feel a burning sensation when you urinate, which is caused by the irritation of the urethral wall by the sound. (If you’re into S&M, then this might be something right up your alley.) This is normal and usually dissipates quickly enough.


8. Finishing up your session

When you are done, it’s very important to thoroughly wash the implement and also to urinate so as to clear out the urethra. If you are using sounds with multiple people—sounds can play into many different S&M scenarios—the cleanliness of your sound is of even greater importance. Improperly cleaned tools, when shared, can lead to a host of STIs.

Are you a guy over the age of 50? If you’re having problems with your prostate and/or urination, it might be time to consider a supplement, like these.



So those are the basics! Now you have all the tools necessary for a clean, fun and safe sounding experience.

The second part of this post continues right here, where I describe my first time cock sounding. It’s hot!




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