How to Finger a Girl : 7 tips to make her wet with desire!

Fingering a girl isn’t rocket science, guys. Sure, you may not know what you’re doing a lot of the time and you end up just jamming your hand in there and hoping for the best. But after reading through these tips and tricks, you’ll have her cumming and begging for more in no time.

You need to know what you’re touching.

To break it down, there are three main areas to your woman’s vagina that you need to know.

  • First there are the outer and inner labia—the vagina’s lips. The outer labia could be covered in hair while the inner labia are much more tender and get wet when she’s aroused.
  • Next, there’s the vaginal opening. This is where you slide your cock in and where her wetness comes from when you get her horny.
  • Finally, you can’t forget about the clitoris. This is where the majority of the pleasure can be derived from because of the amount of nerve endings packed into the little man in the boat. Rub it lightly until you know just what level of pressure and speed your woman likes.
vaginal opening diagram
Sci-imgderivative work: Lamilli (talk) – Public Domain,
  1. Clitoral hood
  2. Clitoris
  3. Left labium minorum
  4. Urethral opening
  5. Vaginal opening
  6. Perineum
  7. Anus

7 best ways to finger a girl

Follow these rules, and you’ll have a happy woman begging you for more.

1. Clean Your Hands!

Before you even think about getting a girl off with your hands, make sure you’re practicing proper hygiene. This cannot be overstated enough. If you don’t have clean hands and trimmed nails, you will not pass go, you will not collect $200.

First, you’ll want to make sure your nails are trimmed and filed. Don’t do this right before, though, because your nails might still be a little rough. Basically, if you’re planning on sliding into someone on a given night, prepare early. Take care of your hands so that they can help you take care of her. The last thing you want to do is hurt or irritate the incredibly sensitive flesh inside your partner.

After your nails are taken care of, it’s also super important to wash your hands before you get it on. Clean hands help prevent infections, which are the last thing you want your partner to get from your ministrations.

2. Tease Her

Getting a girl in the mood is just as important as what you actually do to her. If she’s not into it, the entire thing is going to suck, and not in a nut-busting, deep throat sort of way. Plus, if she’s not into it, you’re not even going to get a tug after it’s all over.

You’re going to be left, hard and alone, jerking yourself off with a pissed off wife/girlfriend.

To avoid that, get her in the mood. This will take some recon on your part.

  • Does your girl like dirty talk?
  • Does she like having her nipples sucked on?
  • You have to ask yourself: what’s going to get her wet?
  • What’s going to stimulate her and make her want you deep inside her?

Fingering is a very intimate activity. Not many things involve being literally inside your partner, so why ruin it by forcing it or doing it when she’s not into it. There’s an even more pressing reason to make sure your lady is ready to go—lubrication. You do not want to go in if she’s not aroused and wet. You can use lube or your saliva, but why do that when you know you can make her wet and use her own juices to get the job done?

Want to make her REALLY happy?

Use this finger vibrator to enhance her experience. My lady swears by it. It’s waterproof, has two vibrators, and made of super soft silicone so it’s comfortable on her sensitive lady parts.

finger vibrator picture

3. Middle Fingering

Sometimes, length does matter. If your woman is looking for something a little harder and faster, slide your middle finger in her. Make sure you’ve got control of your hand fully (kneeling between her legs is a great position for this) and find a speed and thrusting technique that works best. If she tells you to keep going, do it.

Think of your finger like your cock and thrust. You can easily go faster and slower, harder or softer, depending on what she wants. If you find a rhythm that she seems to like, keep at it. Consistency is important when you’re fingering a woman. You don’t want to mix it up or change or stop when she’s into it!

4. Use Two Hands

As discussed above, there are multiple areas that you can focus on when fingering a woman. It isn’t just about sliding your fingers in and out. If you do only that, she may cum, but it’s unlikely. You need to attend to everything.

One way to do that is to use both your hands when your fingering your woman. You can insert your fingers on one hand into her (as long as she’s lubed and ready) and use your other hand to stimulate her clit. It might take a little bit of work to get the coordination right, but you want her to cum, don’t you?

You should be more than willing to put the effort in.

5. The Shocker

You’ve all heard the rhyme—two in the pink, one in the stink. Rhyme aside, the shocker can bring a new level to your fingering game.

The key here, though, is to not just do it and not tell her. If you think she’s up for it, let her know and discuss it beforehand before you slide your pinky into her asshole. Be gentle, too, as you don’t want to hurt her.

Once you’re in, keep fingering her pussy as well. Then, to top it all off, why not spend a little time playing with her clit with your other hand so as to stimulate her multiple ways at once.

Oh, and don’t forget the lube!

how to make her squirt

6. Zero in on the Clit

The clit, like mentioned above, is THE place for stimulation on a woman, or at least the majority of women. Because of how jam-packed the clit is with nerves you can’t just attack it. Like I said, you need to start slow and find the right amount of speed and pressure. Once you do, keep at it.

For a woman to achieve an orgasm, they often need to have consistent attention paid to their clit. While you’re doing this, of course, don’t forget that you could also be finger fucking her, too. The last thing you want to do with the clit, especially if you’ve found your rhythm, is stop. Think of it as the female equivalent of blue balls. If you’re getting close all you want is for her to keep going. Don’t let her down, just like you wouldn’t want her to let you down.

7. Don’t neglect the G-Spot

Ah, the G-spot, the magical place inside your woman’s pussy that’ll make her scream, buck her hips, and practically melt all over you. It may seem like you’re going on a mythical quest to find it, but it isn’t that hard if you know where to look.

First, you’ll need to slide your middle finger and index finger into her palm up. Then, just as if she’s been a bad little girl, make a “Come over here” motion, curling your fingers back toward you. The G-Spot will be a few inches—two or three, usually—inside and towards the front.

The skin will feel different (a little rougher). When you’ve found it, press against it and keep an eye on how she responds. If she breathes in really quickly, you’ve probably found the right spot. Once you have, press or rub against it slowly, again finding the right rhythm. If she’s laying on her stomach, you’ll want to press down toward the bed. If she’s on her back, press up toward her belly button.

2 final things to remember about fingering

Listen to your woman and have fun with it!

Women take longer than men to reach orgasm—around twenty minutes on average—so it’s important to listen to them. If they want you to keep going, keep going. Slowing down will just kill the mood then you’ll be left with an unsatisfied woman on your hands, literally.

Just as important is to have fun with it. You’re in the process of giving a woman an orgasm. If you’re not enjoying it, she’s going to be able to tell and that could ruin it for her. Instead, show her how much you want her to cum. Get into it with her and pretty soon she’ll be screaming for more.

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