REVIEW: CB 6000 Male Chastity Cage. I jailed my penis for 24 hours!

I woke up this morning with the CB6000 male chastity cage locked firmly to my twig and berries. Weird, right?

Yes, I installed it last night before going to bed. No, I didn’t intend to fall asleep with my dick cage still on.

Ok, ok, maybe I did. I guess that bottle of Mad Dog I pounded down late last evening hit me harder than I thought.

I laid there for a minute this morning, wiping the sleep from my eyes, trying to remember remember why the hell I installed this crazy locking contraption on my unit in the first place.

Oh yeah, that’s right! It was my own personal science experiment. In my drunken stupor I thought it would be a good idea to hook myself up to this thing and wear it around for 24 hours.

Locked up!

Here’s the good news: I slept like a baby. Although I think that had more to do with the wine than that snug fitting chastity thingy securely cupping my dick and balls all night.

The better news: I spent my Saturday getting things done around the house, locked in penis jail. Laundry, vacuuming, loading the dishwasher…yadda yadda.

So, here I am, 24 hours later. Another open bottle of wine next to me (a tasty Merlot) providing the liquid courage to tell the world about my experience.

Why the CB-6000 cock cage?

To answer that question, let’s go back in time. A couple of weeks ago while writing another post for my blog, I had an epiphany. I’ve reviewed lots of sex toys, but I never delved into the dark world of chastity devices.

I thought it would be fun to put my penis in jail and see what it’s like to not touch my most prized possession for a day.

Anyway, I pulled the trigger and bought one. After browsing around the web, looking for the best one that seemed kinky enough, I landed on the one in this review: the CB6000. I got it in the mail a few days later and just now got around to trying it for the first time.

I’m still not sure what CB stands for. Cock blocker? Chastity belt? Either seems acceptable.

Upon first inspection, the device seemed simple enough. However, installation was a little on the tricky side.

Let’s get started.

What this chastity device consists of:

A clear plastic dong shaped cage that curves down slightly. Obviously the dick goes in there. There’s an open slot built in the tip. This means the cage can stay in place during urination.

A plastic ring for base. This is where the balls go. Initially I wasn’t aware that my balls were supposed to go in here too, and the thought was unsettling (at first). I like my nuts to be gently cupped, but stuffing them into a smallish plastic container wasn’t what I had in mind. But…since this was a science experiment, I needed to have the full experience.

A brass chastity lock to keep it together. It’s a small, inexpensive lock, similar to ones you would use for luggage. I have a habit of misplacing things when under the influence, so I keep the key in my dresser next to the bed.

Installing it

Installation was relatively easy. The instructions that came with it were crap, to be perfectly honest. But with a minute of looking through the contents of the box, it’s pretty easy to figure out. See the video below that explains it quite well.

YouTube video

Step 1

Find the right base diameter size. This looks similar to a horseshoe but more rounded. I had to determine which one fit me best. The cage comes with five different sizes. After testing them all, I went with the middle option.

Step 2

Attach the secondary base to the ring size selected above. This is the piece with the flat plastic base that has guide pins attached. It only fits one way, so you really can’t do it wrong. If you haven’t watched the video above, it explains this part at 2:20.

Step 3

Install the locking pin and spacer. This pin has a hole on the end, through which the padlock is hooked. This ultimately holds the whole contraption together.

Step 4

After assembling the base ring in the first 3 steps above, it’s time to slide it over the balls. This means that the bottom of the ring goes behind the balls and the plastic pins to secure the assembly are up top, above the penis.

Step 5

It’s time to slide into the cage. Lube your cock with the supplied silicone lubricant and slide the cage on.

Using silicone lube here is CRITICAL. Trying this with with no lube will make things very uncomfortable, because your dick will stick to the inside of the plastic cage. Water based lube dries up rather quickly so it’s not recommended either.

Also, make sure the holes on the top of the cage line up with the guide pins in the base.

This was the most difficult part. Manipulating the cage and making sure my balls got put into the right spot took a bit. My dick became a contortionist for about 30 seconds until everything was secure.

Step 6

Put the lock on! Then give the keys to your master. Or, in my case put them in the dresser drawer. Now you’re locked and loaded…pun intended.

Source: Pinterest

How it felt wearing it for a day

The whole experience was interesting, to say the least.

I’ll start by saying the cage wasn’t comfortable. It didn’t cause me any pain, but it just felt really weird. However, i fully understand that this is part of the appeal of wearing a chastity device. It’s just something I wasn’t used to.

There’s something about the added weight and trying to fit it in my underwear that felt so foreign to me. Yet, at the same time, it turned me on.

I’m guessing the whole contraption weighs about 8 ounces, but I can’t say for sure. Regardless, after wearing it for a while, it felt like I had a bowling ball strapped to my cock and balls. Still, I never felt any pain or like I needed to take it off. It was just uncomfortable.

Despite all this, I had fun!

Cage bulge: the best part!

I was fortunate to be staying home for the day while conducting this experiment. Otherwise I would have walked around in public with a huge bulge all day. Almost like a pitched tent in my jeans!

This could be good or bad. The scientist in me thinks it would be a good social experiment. Would women (and men) be gazing below my belt all day? Or would nobody pay any attention.

Wearing this thing with skinny jeans would be really interesting.

As it was, I wore sweat pants around the house. I couldn’t help but stop and look in the mirror every now and then to gaze at the glorious little mountain making my pants stick out.

Then I got an erection

Holy moly!

In between doing loads of laundry, I decided to take a break and rest on my living room couch for a half hour or so. Hmmm, maybe I should open up Porn Hub and see what’s playing? Lately I’ve been into watching spinners bang guys with big dicks. You know, those teeny tiny little women that weigh less than 100 pounds? Well, I found a good one…

Then it happened, I could feel myself getting hard. The tip of my cock started pressing against the end of the cage.

At half mast, the sensation of being constrained felt kind of good.

At full erection, it was uncomfortable. My cock was almost begging to be set free, but like a caged animal, all it could do was press up against the bars and long for freedom. I wasn’t going to set him free. No way. I was going to stick it out and get my 24 hours in, hell or high water.

It made me think about my dick the whole time

This was the strangest part. I normally don’t think about my cock all that much throughout the day. Yeah, it needs addressed from time to time when using the restroom or wanking off at night. I’ve just never been continuously focused on it for this length of time.

All I wanted to do was touch it and comfort it. But NO! It was jailed, neatly tucked away in a clear plastic prison.

Obviously my cock was rendered obsolete (except for urination) for the entire duration.

I couldn’t jack off.

I wanted to fuck anything that moved, but couldn’t.

It felt like my entire sexual being was sucked into a black hole, erasing it from existence.

Here’s what’s even more strange: it turned me on!

Peeing with it on is REALLY interesting

This was probably the hardest part.

I’m not a guy with a big dick (yay me?) I’m tremendously average. As such, when flaccid, the tip of my cock didn’t quite reach the pee slit at the tip of the cage. Note: There is another version called the CB6000S, which probably would have been more appropriate for a guy my size, but oh well.

Anyway, because of my shorter length, urination was a real pain in the ass. It involved peeing into the cage, and then watching it dribble out the tip.

My first piss of the day resulted in a wet floor that needed to be mopped up.

For my second time, I tried squatting over the toilet facing the rear. Nope. That didn’t work so well either. I still dribbled all over the damn toilet rim. Clean up in aisle 2!

So, for my 3rd pee of the day, I decided to sit lady style. All was right with the world this time.

Taking a shower was miserable

I’m a clean freak. After working around the house and working up a minor sweat, I decided to take a shower mid afternoon. Well, I certainly didn’t anticipate how this thing would affect my entire bathing experience.

I couldn’t lather my Johnson up with soap and wash it up real good. Hell, I couldn’t even get it thoroughly wet! That sucked, because I hate having a dirty, sweaty dick. So I splashed some water around down there, doing the best I could to get some inside the cage, and then called it good enough.

Then came drying off. With the chastity cage in place, it was impossible to get everything dry. Walking around with a damp cock for the next hour wasn’t fun for me either.

Then came the steam buildup

After all the pissing and showering, condensation started to build up inside the device. It looked like the inside of a terrarium.

Yummy. Condensed cock sweat.

Thankfully there were no creatures (other than my dick) inside.

Would I do it all over again?

After all the bitching and complaining I just did, you’d think I wouldn’t touch one of these cock cages again with a 10 foot pole!

Wrong! I loved the sensation of being caged up. Maybe I have a secret Sub side to me that I was unaware of?

I’m looking forward to trying it again sometime soon. I won’t do it solo, though. I’ll bring my girlfriend in on the action and hand the keys over to her.

I’m even considering a stainless steel version. Maybe one with a wire cage. Something like this. What do you think?

Is the CB6000 the best on the market?

That’s hard to say, since this is the only one I’ve ever tried. There are thousands of different styles out there. It’s all up to the user’s personal preferences.

You can buy it from right here.


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