How to Last Longer in Bed. 5 Awesome Tips to Increase Stamina!

A satisfying romp for both parties in the bedroom is all predicated on stamina and endurance. Men are often plagued by wishing they could last just a few minutes longer in bed.

A lot could be accomplished in this extra time, some more stress relief, more total orgasms before having to roll on to your side for bed, just to name a few.

But what’s a man to do?

There are of course the old wives tales like thinking about basketball or old Grandma, but ultimately those tips aren’t wholly effective and they tend to only come to mind once you’ve reached the point of no return. What we need are some proven and meaningful ways to push the finish line just far away enough to make the sparks fly.

Luckily, there actually are more than a handful of ways to keep yourself from popping too early and having to roll over assuring your partner that this kind of thing doesn’t usually happen.

Train Yourself to Last Longer in Bed

The marathon runner analogy is pretty apt here.

You can’t expect yourself to go the distance unless you’ve prepared yourself adequately. Some “me” time is in order, and the goal here is to learn how to prolong your orgasm when you start to feel it creeping up.

Edging is a fantastic way to start off on this endeavor. Edging is when you masturbate but stop just shy of the point where ejaculation is inevitable. Repeatedly get yourself to that point and then stop, do everything in your power to control your urge to cum and let the feelings die down. After some time, you’ll be in way more control of the sensations down there.

Frequent masturbation helps prolong your sexual encounters as well as long as you make sure to keep taking longer and longer before you reach orgasm. Over time, your brain will think of sex as a half hour endeavor as opposed to a five minute one.

Use A Delay Spray

If you don’t have the time or patience necessary to train yourself manually, there are some products that can help bridge the gap.

A delay spray is just one of these. Delay sprays are topical sprays meant to be applied to the penis that have an anaesthetic like lidocaine in them to help numb the sensations felt through sex. The feeling they give isn’t the kind of tingly numbness you’d associate with a trip to the dentist, but instead just kind of turn the volume down on each and every stroke you feel. You’ll still feel what’s going on down there, the only difference is that you’ll have much more control over your ejaculatory reflex.

If you’re going to opt for delay sprays it’s important to pick one of the delay sprays that actually work, since many of the products on the market simply do not live up to their claims.

Products like Promescent, can increase your total time in the sack by 66% or more.

Increase Your Kegel Fitness

Kegel muscles, also known as the pelvic floor muscles, are very important when it comes to being able to hold your load.

Not sure what muscles I’m talking about? If you’ve ever cut off your urination mid-stream, those are the muscles I’m talking about. By regularly doing kegel workouts you can use these muscles to very effectively prolong your time from erection to busting.

A simple kegel workout involves contracting these muscles for ten seconds, relaxing for ten, and repeating this 5-10 times for a single set. Up to three sets should be completed a day to start seeing some serious results.

Get Used To Intense Stimulation

No matter how hard you try, there’s always going to be some position or something your partner does that works wonders as far as getting your rocks off. So, you need to prepare yourself for these kinds of sensations by bringing them into your masturbation sessions. Bare minimum, start masturbating with lube.

Fleshlight Stamina Training unit

Ideally, you should invest in a shockingly intense male masturbator like the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, as it is specifically designed to be as pleasurable as possible to get you used to intense stimulation. Learn how to roll with these sensations and how to keep them from boiling over, with time you’ll have much more control over how you react to these extremely pleasurable sensations and it’ll buy you enough time to slow down or change positions while you wait for things to die down a little down south.

Don’t Neglect Foreplay

If you rip your clothes off and immediately get right into getting hot and heavy, your mind will immediately go to orgasm since everything seems to just be a means to an end. If you make sure to engage in foreplay beforehand and take the focus off of your penis, you’ll not only be able to be more present and caring for your partner’s needs, you’ll be much more in the zone as the tension begins to build up inside of you.

With the proper amount of foreplay its almost as if a switch is flipped inside the brain that lets you last just a pinch longer. Don’t believe me? Give it a shot, it works.


All is not lost if you happen to be a member of the infamous Minute Man Club. Like anything in life, there is always room for improvement so long as you are willing to put in the work.

You should take careful inventory of what might be causing you to ejaculate prematurely and have that be the focus of your endeavors. Communication with your partner is also key, there’s no reason for your partner to be unsupportive and not willing to work with you to keep things going just a little longer and help her have just a few more orgasms before the night is done.

A great man once said, “Sex isn’t any fun unless everybody gets a cookie.”

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