The Njoy Pure Wand: I lust for stainless steel

Before i start the review, I have a confession to make:  at first, I was VERY intimidated by the Njoy Pure Wand. I wouldn’t say fearful, just nervous. Opening the box and seeing that menacing, comma-shaped, stainless steel beast made me pause.

I’m certainly not a rookie when it comes prostate play tools, but I’d only experienced silicone and plastic devices.  Stainless steel was an entirely new ball game for me.



Top Pick!

Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand

100% Stainless Steel

Versatile and nearly indestructible
Use it warm or cold
Works for him AND her!
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A few comments

Most guys don’t realize that this toy is PERFECT for massaging your prostate. It feels incredible! In fact, it’s a superb device that works equally well for men and women. It’s awesome for solo play, but even better for couples! Put your skilled partner at the helm, and you’ll cum buckets. Make sure you have plenty of towels for cleaning up. You. Will. Need. Them.

I playfully refer to it as the Lever of Love. Yeah, that sounds a bit corny, but it’s true. The artfully curved shape allows the user to easily guide it into place and apply the proper amount of pressure. This toy provides a direct connection to that orgasmic spot in every guy’s ass: the prostate.

There is, however, a learning curve to use it properly. It took a few tries for me to truly master it. But once I did, goodness gracious…this thing is a beast.

The feelings of ecstasy I get when I use it can’t be matched by any other device. The sensation of that ball end popping in for the first time is magnificent. The feel of the hard, cold steel sends a shiver of excitement up my spine every time I use it.


If you’re curious about how I get ready to use this device: click here to read my step by step guide.  It’s a great primer that works for any anal stimulator you’ll be using.


Grab a Pure Wand for yourself, right here at


Table of contents

  1. The box: a sexy presentation
  2. A shiny, futuristic masterpiece
  3. Specifications:  weight, measurements, etc.
  4. How to use it
  5. How it feels
  6. Why I LOVE it
  7. One disappointment
  8. Recommended lube
  9. Where to buy it at the BEST PRICE



My first impression: the simple yet stylish black box




The box:  stylish and durable

The box is very simple, almost understated, with the Njoy company logo embossed in silver letters.  It has a slightly rough feel on the surface, and seems sturdy and well built.  Aesthetically, less is definitely more.  The same goes for the Wand itself.

Upon opening this sexy black box, the first thing you notice is the fuchsia colored bed that the wand lays on.  It’s a silky texture (but definitely not silk).  More like an inexpensive sateen cloth. Hidden underneath this cloth is a styrofoam block that is custom molded to fit the contour and shape of the toy.  It fits almost perfectly.

The box is perfect for long term storage

On each side of the box is a cloth strap that keeps the lid from opening too far.  You can see them in the upper left and right of the picture below.  Simple, but fairly sturdy.

I don’t see this box falling apart any time soon.  I’ve been using it as the primary storage for mine, without incident.  No need for a special container.



the open box

It’s presented on a sexy, fuchsia colored platform.



A shiny, polished masterpiece

When you first open the box, the shimmering beauty of the toy seems to jump right out of the box.  It looks like a work of art you’d see in a museum.  It looks like a big comma!

It’s completely smooth and polished, with no surface aberrations.  It’s so shiny, in fact, that it’s nearly impossible to NOT leave fingerprints.  Not a problem though, as a soft, lint free cloth will restore its magnificent luster.



It's a futuristic stainless steel device

It’s a futuristic stainless steel device




Now, for the techical stuff: measurements, weight, etc.

When you look at the picture below, the angle of the photo is a bit misleading.  Here are the actual measurements:

  • Total length end to end:  about 8 inches
  • Total length when measured along the curve:  about 10 inches
  • Small ball diameter:  1 inch
  • Large ball diameter:  1.5 inches
  • Weight:  about 1.5 pounds


This toy is phthalate-free! Read more about why this is important.



About 8 inches wide.



logo engraving

The logo is etched into the shaft. Very nice!



How to use it

I’ve experimented with various positions:  laying on my side, squatting, etc.  When using this device by myself, the best position is to lie flat on my back, with legs spread and knees up.  Make sure you’re lubed up.  Simply reach down between the legs, pop it in, and you’re good to go!

A simple back and forth rocking motion works best

Once it’s inserted, use a simple rocking motion.  This motion should run parallel to your body.  You don’t need to rock it hard or fast, either.  Just grab the opposite end and do some gentle, deliberate strokes to and fro.  You’ll know when you have it in the right spot.  Once you find that spot, don’t stop ’til you’ve had enough…



How it feels

Stainless steel is a rather exotic material for sex toys, especially prostate devices. Steel has some unique properties that allow for enhanced prostate play (as well as enhanced sensations), namely the ability to retain heat. I commonly place it in lukewarm water to get it to body temperature. However, by making it cooler or warmer than 98.6 °F (37 °C), the sensations will feel somewhat different.

By warming it up, the initial shock of the ball popping in is reduced. This warmth provides a pleasant feeling at the moment of insertion. A comforting and relaxing sensation.

When cooling it down, the penetration feels more intense…sharper if you will. But this isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually kinky, and makes using this toy even more exciting.



Buy HERE at!



Regardless of the temperature used, this thing feels amazing

I always start with the small end. The little bulb provides a mildly full feeling in my rectum. Very pleasant and comfortable. It’s not painful at all.

The other end is a completely different story. The large end provides maximum rectal fullness, at least for me. This is best used after a full warm-up. The pressure against the prostate is about the same as with the small end. However, the combination of rectal fullness and pressure against the prostate makes for exponentially more powerful orgasms.

Now, let’s talk about about using leverage to get the most from this toy. Applying leverage while it’s in the rectum increases the pressure on the prostate. Removing leverage reduces the pressure. Makes sense, right? In the same way, increasing and decreasing leverage controls the tingling, erotic sensations deep inside the ass. Apply more pressure and the buzz picks up intensity. By mastering the timing and intensity of this technique, the orgasmic sensations can be altered and/or improved.

I think I’m starting to hate this toy! Not because it’s bad. But because it’s so damn good. Like an addictive drug…it calls to me. Whispering from the top drawer of my night stand that it wants to play,


7 reasons why I LOVE it!

These are my personal favorite reasons, based on my experience with this device:

  1. It has just the right amount of weight (about a pound and a half).  Here’s what I mean:  since it’s constructed of solid stainless steel, it’s quite heavy.  But not so much that it’s difficult to use.  I like a toy with some heft.  It’s just easier to maneuver and operate.  This device fits the bill perfectly.
  2. The size is just right.  At about eight inches in length (see the diagram above), it’s the perfect size for me and my lady to handle. This additional length makes it much easier when you’re massaging your own prostate.  The long design provides additional leverage for those times when you really want to apply that pressure right before climax.
  3. It’s a dual purpose sex toy:  it works wonders on both men AND women!  My girlfriend gets just as much G-spot enjoyment from it as I get with my P-spot.  Sometimes I wish we had two…one for each of us.  Anyway, this makes it economical since you can share the toy.  Just make sure to sanitize it before passing it back and forth!  Especially from him to her.
  4. It can be enjoyed warm or cold.  Yep, solid steel conducts heat very slowly.  This allows you to stimulate at various temperatures.  I personally like to warm mine up first.  I just drop it into a big plastic cup with warm water, wait 5 minutes, and then enjoy!  I’ve also cooled it down using the same method, just with cool water. I generally dont cool it. But when I’m feeling extra kinky, I’ll give it a go.
  5. It’s so easy to clean.  Seriously, this is the lowest maintenance toy I own.  After a session, I just take it to the kitchen sink and wash it off with a mild soap and some hot water.  Alternatively, I’ve put it in the dishwasher with the rest of the dinner plates!  Works like a charm.  Just don’t use an abrasive cleaner, for obvious reasons.
  6. You can use it with ANY type of lube.  Water based, silicone, coconut oil, or whatever.  Stainless is non reactive, so you can lube up with almost anything.  Silicone toys don’t have this advantage.  You’re pretty much stuck with water based lubes, and I personally believe those suck anyway.  They’re not nearly as slippery, and they don’t last as long.
  7. Finally, my favorite thing:  it’s so durable that it will last a lifetime.  So long as you don’t use an abrasive cleaner or bang it against concrete, it will always remain in a like-new state.

I can think of a few more things that make this a great anal pleasure tool, but those were the most important.



And one thing I don’t love

This certainly isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s worth mentioning:  it can’t be used hands-free.  The sheer weight of the toy will cause it to drop down, or even out, once you stop guiding it. This is the one thing that I always loved about my Aneros Vice.  With that toy, I can just pop it in and go to town.  The Wand, however, needs a constant hand.  If you prefer a “set it and forget it” device, this probably isn’t the one for you.

Playing with a friend, however, is an entirely different ball game.  With a gentle, trusted partner, sexy times with this thing are out of this world!


Recommended lubes

Stainless steel sex toys are compatible with all anal lubricants.  I recommend silicone or oil based.  See our lubes page for good choices.


Where to buy it

This device is sold by tons of retailers. I picked mine up online at Love Honey. Great price, too. This is one bad-ass sex toy. PERIOD.

Check price at


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Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :) Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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  1. Hi

    I’m using L’Amourose ROSA Rouge which is perfect. Now I’m becoming more hungry and looking for a new toy. How do you think, what would be better, Njoy Pure Wand or Lelo Loki?

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  2. Thanks for the great review!
    But I have got a concern/ ask. Is there a danger, that the anus suck in the whole toy? Or is this toy large enough, that it cant get sucked in by the butt?

    Post a Reply
    • This is a sizable toy. Unless you have a hole as deep as the Marianas Trench you’ll be fine.

      Post a Reply
  3. This is a great toy, still learning, found the right spots, but sometimes I think maybe I’m using 2 much pressure. Sometimes when I’m done one of my testicles get dear bnb 4 a couple hours. When I use a silicone based toy I’m never soar.

    Thx for all the info!!

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  4. After trying other anal toys I decided to try the njoy pure wand. The first two sessions were OK, but no successful milking or orgasms. But by the third time, it was OMG time. Absolutely awesome toy that delivers and allows the user to adjust the right pressure and movement needed. The BEST TOY EVER for prostate massage.

    Post a Reply
  5. A buddy of mine told me about this wonderful device. After doing a little research on it I decided I needed one also for alone time. It came this morning and got right with it. I inserted the small end and after playing around for a few minutes figured out what felt best. Two hours later I was exhausted and drained. I am no stranger to anal sex, but this thing sent me to the moon and back several times. No man should be without it is my feeling. Geo

    Post a Reply
  6. Great review! It helped sell me on one.

    Could you clarify what you meant by rocking motion though? I was confused with the parallel to body part. With it inserted while on one’s back, should it be rocked up and down (front and back of body) or side to side?

    Post a Reply
    • Hey there…thanks for the kind words!

      With it inserted while on one’s back, it should be rocked front to back, from head to toes. Of course you could experiment with different directions, angles and pressures, but this is the one that works best for me.

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