7 Awesome Places To Have Sex In Public

Having sex in public, without the fear of getting arrested for public indecency, is to put it simply, fucking hot. Usually, it’s hard and fast so that you can get off in time before anyone catches you. The thrill that someone may be just around the corner, too, can make the orgasms that much greater.

You can’t just go around having sex anywhere in public, though. Getting arrested is a real possibility in a lot of places. Likewise, some people may not be cool to coming across someone balls deep in their partner. Especially with their kids in tow.

With that in mind, there are still plenty of opportunities for those looking for a little extra thrill not between the sheets.

screw mile high club

Before getting to the list, though, we’ve got to say one thing. Screw the Mile High Club. Airplane bathrooms are not on this list because, well, have you ever been in an airplane bathroom? It stinks and you can barely fit one person in there. But if you must, check out this advice from an airline attendant.

These places on the list, though, these are the ones you’re going to want to check out if you’re looking to get off in public.

Hotel Balcony

There’s almost no better reason to have sex in public than while on vacation. And hotels are the perfect setting. You’re never going to see anyone around you ever again and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the sheets/chairs/whatever else you fuck on. If you’re in a room with a balcony, slide open that glass door and take in the beauty around you as you go at it hard and fast for all the world to see.

If you’re in a room that doesn’t have a balcony, throw the shades open on your window and press her up against it. If you’re afraid of getting caught, get on the ground in front of the window and do her in missionary position or doggy style. That way, you’ll be able to look out and won’t be as easy to see. And remember, since it’s vacation, there’s really nothing else to do but fuck, so try it multiple times.

See how close you can get to getting caught, if that’s your thing.

Erotic Art: AI-Generated

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Parking Lots

Empty parking lots are great places to get a quickie in. You can see if anyone’s coming and, usually cover up if need be. The key here is making sure your car is big enough to lay her down and fuck her without giving or getting a concussion from moving around. A quick hand job or blowjob in the front seat would work, too (think road head, but not moving).

If you’re feeling like really trying to see how hot you can make it, find a parking lot that isn’t empty and see how far you get. Mall parking lots are great for this—plenty of cars and people moving around that aren’t usually paying attention to what’s going on around them. Find a spot in the masses and get ready to get off while people are trying to shop for birthday presents for their great aunt.

Just don’t get caught, like this couple.

Under The Boardwalk/ The Beach

After a long day of sitting on the sand and taking in the sun, why wouldn’t you want to come back out and fuck the night away with the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore? You have to watch out for the sand, of course—no one wants to get sand in any hole—it’s not fun for anyone involved—but fucking on the beach or under the boardwalk can be a real thrill. If you’re on the beach, nighttime is best—first make sure you don’t interrupt anyone else getting it on.

Next, make sure you’ve got a towel big enough that moving around on it won’t be a problem. But, if you’re looking to amp it up even more, head under the boardwalk and lean her up against one of the support poles. People may be walking around overhead, but you’ll be there, getting off as people go about their daily business.

The bonus to beachside fucking is that once you’ve finished, you can clean up pretty easily by taking a dip in the water and washing away the sweat and cum while reveling in the fact that you just got away with it. Just make sure you don’t get sand or dirty water on or near your privates.

Private Bathroom

In a place where the bathrooms are meant for one person and you can lock the door? Great! Private bathrooms are a great place to bend your woman over a sink for a quickie. Not only is there the thrill of getting off with people—maybe even your coworkers—on the other side of the door, but you’ve got, usually, the giant mirrors to look into while you do it. You get the view of slamming into her from behind and you can watch her face every time you enter her.

private bathrooms public sex

Nothing says office holiday party like getting a little red-faced between the appetizers and the main meal. If anyone tries to use the bathroom or happens to hear you, be ready with a lie. Tell them someone is sick or make something else up. If you’re looking for a bathroom fuck but can’t find a private bathroom, lock up in a single stall and see how fast you can cum before someone else enters the bathroom.

Movie Theater

movie theaters

If getting off in a movie theater doesn’t bring you back to those high school crushes when all you were used to getting was a little over-the-shirt tit feel, I don’t know what will. Sitting in the back of the movie theater is prime position to blow a load while people are around. The armrests between seats might complicate things a little, but it’s easy enough to go down on someone over that.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a movie theater where the armrests move, you’re in for a treat. Wait until the lights go down and get ready to go at it. Keeping quiet when people are so close by might be a challenge for screamers, but that’s thrill of maybe getting caught, as with anywhere else in public, will only increase the power of your orgasm when you finally shoot your load down her throat.

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Classrooms and Empty Libraries

If you’ve been to college, you’ve most likely been in the school’s library at night. Rows upon rows of books, most of which never see a pair of eyes for years. Find a quiet row and go at it. Just be careful, there may be a board security guard wandering around, just waiting to walk in on something like that. With rows so close together, it’s easy for the girl to grab one on either side as you enter her from behind for a nice, academic bang.

woman being dominated on bed

Another university setting to try out is the empty classroom. At any given time, there are probably dozens of empty classrooms across campus. You don’t want one that students might pop into unexpectedly while waiting for class to start, but with a little bit of research you can easily figure out which rooms will give you ten or fifteen minutes. Close and lock the door, then bend her over the desks or lay her down on top of a long table and have some fun.

This is the perfect place to enact all those naughty professor fantasies you’ve been holding onto since seeing “Hot For Teacher,” so if you’ve found the right classroom, make sure you bring all the props you might need—ruler, glasses, pencil skirt, et cetera.

In a Car Along Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana

We’ve already covered cars parked in parking lots, but if you want true natural beauty, Glacier National Park in Montana is it. Going-to-the-sun Road is one of the most picturesque drives in the entire country, making it also one of the best places to pull off on the side of the road for a quick fuck. You’ll need to make sure the road is actually open, first—it remains closed for months at a time because of snowfall—but if it is, pack the car and get ready to orgasm in one of the prettiest places in the country.

If you’re feeling even raunchier, park and hike a little bit. You might run into other hikers or vacationers trying to enjoy the scenery, but if you’ve got a pair of beautiful tits in front of you, that’s all you’re really trying to do, too.

The list of locales available for getting it on is endless, limited only by the imagination. Bang high, bang low. Bang fast, bang slow. The more awkward the place, the more naughty the deed. Now, get out there and go at it!


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