3 reasons why AI will dominate smart sex toys of the future

Imagine for a moment: a smart, interactive sex toy for men. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it will provide a unique experience every time you use it. These devices will be able to adjust to your body, know when you’re at peak pleasure, and do everything they can to make sure you’re satisfied. They’ll also be able to build up your arousal until you’re ready for release and then satisfy you in multiple different ways. How awesome would that be?!

Artificial intelligence is the future of smart sex toys—and we’re not just talking about vibrators.

As a practical matter, AI is the next great revolution. Similar to the Industrial Revolution of the past. Despite being in its infancy, AI is already solving many of today’s most urgent and complex needs in science, healthcare, and more. It’s only a matter of time before it changes the way we interact with our toys.

Someday it will find its way into a robotic masturbator on the nightstand next to your bed. In time, we’ll be able to sit back, relax and let our new robotic friends do all of the work!

Sex sells, and the market is HUGE!

We all know that sex sells. Men (and women) spend billions of their hard-earned Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen, and Yuan on sexual pleasure and gratification. Whether it’s erotic stories, porn, sex toys, or AI-generated erotic images, this market is GIGANTIC. And it will only grow in the future as artificial intelligence further weaves its way into the fabric of society.

Here’s a fun example of how sex sells. I found this on the SemRush blog. Have a look below at the top 10 websites in the USA, ranked by the number of visits per month. You’re probably not surprised to see Google, Youtube, and Facebook on there. You may be a bit surprised to see that Pornhub is in the top 10, and Xvideos is number 12.

Yes, this is just web traffic to porn sites, but it’s proof that sex ranks very high in the minds of men and women around the globe. With nearly 2 BILLION visits a month to the most popular porn sites, there’s clearly a lot of demand.

Now let’s talk about three reasons why I think the sex toy market will be dominated by artificial intelligence in the future.

Reason #1: AI will “perfect” male pleasure

Have you ever wondered what the perfect orgasm feels like? I have. Sometimes I wonder if better orgasms are waiting just over the horizon. I’m certainly not complaining about the ones I’ve been having, but the question still remains: what if there’s something better?

I believe AI-powered sex toys could answer that question and many more. Here are some examples.

AI-powered toys will learn what you like

And then make sure it’s exactly what you need, every time you use it. The toy would be able to learn how hard or soft, fast or slow, and deep or shallow are all different things that can feel good on different days. And then it would be able to make suggestions based on what it knows about you!

Erotic Art: AI-Generated

I’ve been experimenting with text-to-image AI platforms. My customized Stable Diffusion model has been generating some fascinating erotic images!

A remedy for body discomfort

Lots of people aren’t truly comfortable with their body or their sexuality. AI could help with that too! Smart sex toys could be used to explore the body in a safe way that is fun for everyone involved. It’s an awesome idea because it helps people connect with themselves in ways that might not have been possible before—and that’s something everyone can benefit from

Responsive sex toys

By incorporating AI into sex toys, we can make them more responsive to what we want out of masturbation—and help us get there faster. This way, we can get on with the rest of our day. We’re all busy, so making the most of our solo time is often a top priority!

Sex toys aren’t the only thing that can enhance self-pleasure—but they’re one of the most popular ways we can get our rocks off!

Now, for Reason #2, let’s cover how AI will provide purpose for self-pleasure.

Reason #2: Masturbation with a purpose

Now ask yourself: why do you masturbate? What’s your goal?

Here’s why I do it:

Relieve Anxiety

It allows me to let out pent-up tension, which can reduce physical symptoms like headaches and back pain, as well as mental ones like worry and fear.

Reconnect with the “self”

It reminds me how to touch in a way that feels good, so I can explore what’s going on inside my body and mind more deeply.

Explore new fantasies

Sometimes I think about someone else while I’m touching myself (maybe a celebrity crush, an ex or someone I work with). This makes the experience more exciting than it would be if it was just about getting off.

AI has the potential to greatly enhance masturbation and self love, as well as enhancing our understanding of self in general. If it were able to apply what it knows about our likes and dislikes, it could predict our future wants and needs. A sexually satisfied man is a happy man!

Now let’s cover the last reason, providing reassurance to the individual that it’s perfectly OK to explore their own body in any way they see fit.

Reason #3: Clearing up masturbation guilt

A common masturbation taboo for men is that it’s not masculine. Many still feel guilty about it because they were taught to keep it secret. This is a shame because research shows that masturbation is perfectly normal and even has health benefits including relief from stress and depression. It also helps men experience better orgasms when they are partnered with women, as well as improving their relationships in general.

Many of us were taught from an early age that sex is dirty and wrong (including myself), so we spend our lives trying to live up to an impossible standard of purity. But the truth is, we’re all human beings who deserve sexual pleasure—and we deserve to feel comfortable with our bodies, too.

Masturbation with smart sex toys is just another avenue to achieve these goals. AI has the potential to enhance our experience by removing the element of guilt. Guilt will be removed or reduced because we will receive a more personalized experience by our toys of the future.

3 smart sex toys I’d LOVE to see in the future

Smart Fleshlight

If you’ve never heard of a Fleshlight, here’s a quick description: it’s a masturbator for men that’s shaped like a flashlight! It has a soft, silicone insert (the flesh) that slides into a hard outer shell (the light). The penis is inserted into the end (lube is necessary) and the toy is stroked up and down to stimulate and bring the user to orgasm. It looks like this:

Fleshlight Turbo

Now imagine how AI could improve the experience. Features such as heat, suction, and tightness could automatically be activated based on the biorhythms of the user. The toy would “learn” what made the user cum the quickest, based on past experience. It could also take advantage of data stored on the cloud from millions of other users to provide a unique experience each time it’s used. I want one!

Interactive sex doll

We all know what a sex doll is, so I won’t go into a description.

For the lonely ladies and gents out there, one of these toys powered by AI could be a great way for the shy or homebound person to explore sexuality in a completely new way. Especially for those locked in their house for months at a time! COVID anyone? It could serve as a friend when you are single. It could serve as a confidant when human physical touch isn’t available. It could whisper things in your ear while you have your way with it.

Oh yes, a smart sex doll could provide numerous avenues of enjoyment!

AI-powered prostate toy

When you read my blog, you’ll notice that prostate toys are my absolute favorite. For me, the prostate orgasm is the most exquisite feeling on earth. Here’s a picture in case you’re not familiar:

aneros helix syn

One of these devices with integrated AI would be absolutely amazing! A built-in sensor that monitors the user’s biorhythms could intelligently adjust the vibration, temperature, and penetration depth of the toy. It would assist the user in finding fresh ways to receive pleasure and explore their sexual response even further.

Smart sounding rods

The sounding rods I’m referring to are the ones used for urethral sounding. Yes, it’s kinky…VERY kinky. These stainless steel devices are inserted into the urethra for various reasons. Some do it for the pain, some do it for the pleasure. Both can be achieved when done properly. Here are some sounding rods to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

urethral sound and penis plug

That’s a sounding rod on the left and a penis plug on the right.

I envision a sounding rod with an AI microprocessor embedded. This chip could sense what the user is experiencing. It could then apply heat, vibration, and other bonus effects to take the user to climax and hold it there for a length of time never possible with a standard sounding rod.

Naughty. Very naughty.

AI-powered toys available now

I’m including this section for completeness. As it stands, there is no sex toy available (yet) that has true artificial intelligence. However, there’s one, in particular, that’s taking a bold step forward. It’s called AutoBlow AI.

AUtoblow AI masturbator

Autoblow AI


@ autoblow.com

AI Powered
10 pre-programmed modes
The ULTIMATE Blowjob machine

Full disclosure, I have not tried this out for myself. Looks very cool though. Click the button above to learn more about it.


At the end of the day, we all want to be happy. We all deserve it. We all want it. Most of us just don’t know how to achieve it.

Will AI help us be happier? I guess that depends on how it’s used. From a personal pleasure perspective, I believe AI will be able to assist us with more than just our emotional needs. It will help us with our physical needs as well.

Most of us are sexually deprived. Ask anyone (heck, ask yourself!) if they wish they could have more sex, and the vast majority would say “Hell Yes I would!” So when a real person isn’t available to provide what we need, why not utilize the next best thing: smart sex toys powered by AI?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any toys at the moment that truly fit the bill of being powered by artificial intelligence. But that day is coming.

One thing is for sure: when it comes to sex, there are so many possibilities for AI to make our experience better.


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