REVIEW: Aneros Progasm Jr. – small but powerful!

Raise your hand if you’re a guy that likes a good prostate toy in your butt!

Ok, now blink three times if you have a hole that’s tight and can’t handle anything too big down there!

If both of these apply to you, then the Aneros Progasm Jr might just be the anal toy you need. It’s the little brother of the original Progasm. I reviewed that one a while back, right here. It has the same design and performs the same function as the bigger one, but it’s built smaller. This makes it easier to use for beginners and for all you tight asses out there!

Before we go any further, I want to let you know that I did not write this review. It was a contribution by one of my awesome readers named Rob (thanks dude!). Backstory on that after the review. Here we go…



The Progasm Jr. review

After a couple long night sessions with the Progasm Jr, here are my initial thoughts:

The toy is downright awesome. I remember owning the Progasm original several years back and while I enjoyed the fullness it offered, it never fit my body just right. I could not manipulate it inside me as well as the smaller Aneros devices. (although, I have become more adept at anal play as of late and would probably love the Progasm now!)

The PJr slides in and nestles against my prostate perfectly. The smooth black plastic and aggressive curves combine to provide sensations that are, well, fucking unbelievable! I use Maximus lube by the fine folks at Bodywise. As a Prostate Player, you have to try this stuff if you have not already. There is simply no better anal play lube out there, imo.



I have tried several positions with the Aneros line, but for me, my most enjoyable sessions are laying on my back, legs spread with feet touching (or close to each other. Legs like this: < >)

After about a half hour of nice relaxed breathing and slow pulling of the device in and out of my body, I will use my fingers on my nipples in slow circular patterns. I will do this until the end of the session. Something about the way I am wired LOVES nipple play with the prostate stimulation, and the motions must be done together for me to reach the highest levels of sexual ecstasy.

I have not yet experienced the orgasms that shake my body uncontrollably (I so want to experience that!)



The mind-bending dry orgasms I experienced with the PJr were sublime, deep, long, almost excruciating in the pleasure that filled my legs, stomach, chest, entire genital region, and especially my prostate and anus.

I lay there for two hours, relaxed as deeply as I could be, as wave after wave of almost painful pleasure filled my body again and again. The only parts of my body not relaxed were my fingers, as they gently circled my nipples. It was mind blowing how such autofucking electrical bliss never made sperm shoot out of me. My cock was hard to the point of rupturing and my prostate was swollen with crackling pleasure but all I received was endless, precum-flowing joy.

I wish I could put into words how simply fantastic the Progasm Jr truly is.(my prostate feels electrified and I am leaking precum as I write this).

It may be shorter and smaller than his big brother, but for me it is absolutely perfect. I am losing a lot of body fluids and sleep because of the awesome time I am having with this toy.

You are an expert in this field, but I am eager to know your thoughts, should you try the PJr for yourself!

And don’t forget to lube up with Maximus. If you have not tried it, I know you will love it!

Lastly, if you have any tips to have a ‘body-shaking’ orgasm, I would like to hear them. My pleasure is off the charts but I know there is always more to experience!

Take care!



P.S. I think I have created a monster: my prostate is now like a buddy that wants to go out drinking every night. He is cool, funny and we always have a great time, but he keeps me out way too late and I am always sooooo tired the next day!

But just when I want to tell him ‘dude, I can’t tonight, I’m too fucking tired’, he tells me a couple jokes and promises to show me a better time than the night before.

My prostate is a charming drinking buddy.



You might be wondering why in the hell I didn’t write this myself?

Well, a reader of my blog named Rob emailed me the other day, asking if he could send me his thoughts about Jr. Of course I said yes!

The man didn’t disappoint. He put together this outstanding review and provided all the important things you’ll ever need to know about this toy. Most importantly, he describes in-depth how it feels to use it. That’s the good stuff!

I don’t own a Progasm Jr., but I’m buying one now! Here it is at


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