REVIEW: The Ussy, a classy sex toy for men that looks AND feels great!

It’s been a while since I reviewed a new sex toy. So when the creators of The Ussy reached out to me and asked my opinion on their new male masturbator, I just had to give it a go.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I won’t receive a commission if you buy one. I just like their product!

The Ussy highlights: 5 first impressions that made me smile

Before I get started with the review, here are a few things that I really like about The Ussy. This is one of the few sex toys I’ve reviewed that has so many nice attributes.

It’s Easy to clean! If I have to name one thing that makes or breaks a sex toy, it’s the ability to clean and sanitize it. It’s a breeze to wash and maintain. Even after blowing a big load in it, a minute or two of warm water rinsing in the sink washes all the lube and spunk right off.

Environmentally conscious packaging. A lot of folks really don’t care about this aspect, but it’s important to me. And apparently, the creators of The Ussy feel the same, as they are against excess packaging material and creating unnecessary waste that goes straight to landfills.

With the health of the planet in mind, it comes in a minimalist vacuum sealed bag.

Ussy comes in a minimal, vacuum sealed bag

Tightness is easily controlled. A simple squeeze of your hand allows for infinite adjustability. Want the toy to grip your penis harder? Just squeeze harder! This is an AWESOME feature. Consequently, this has always been one of my gripes with Fleshlights, like these. Most of their products have a hard outer case, so there’s no way to make things tighter if that’s what you want.

Customizable colors. When it comes to sex toys, the buyer never gets to choose what color they want. The manufacturer decides and that’s what the consumer has to live with. The Ussy is different. Any color on the RAL color chart is available.

Body safe. This is one of the most important aspects of a sex toy. Cheap sex toys can cause issues with sensitive skin around the genitals. This isn’t a cheap piece of masturbation hardware. It’s made of 100 percent high quality RTV Silicone. It meets European standards for safety and is non toxic (per 67/548/EWG). It’s produced in Germany and meets the high quality standards certified by DIN EN ISO 9001.

It made my cock feel REALLY good!

This is pretty much the ultimate test for a masturbator: does it make me feel happy and my penis feel good?

Let me start by saying I thoroughly used and abused this toy over the course of 10 days. I used it 6 times. Four of those were by myself. My girlfriend used it on me the other two times.

If my penis could smile, it would have. Each and every time.

I like how the toy feels when first sliding my penis into it. It’s comfortable. It feels like home. My penis feels safe and secure when inside.

I thoroughly enjoy the infinite adjustability. What I mean by this is the option to control the tightness of the toy just by squeezing my hand. I’m an average sized guy, so when I slide it in without squeezing, the toy is just slightly gripping my cock. But when I want to turn things up a notch, I just squeeze a little harder.

I also like how there is an option to create suction. If I don’t want any suction, I just stroke away. If I want suction, all it takes is a finger over the little hole at the opposite end of the toy. For me personally, the suction is most effective right before I blow my load. About 10 seconds before ejaculation, I just cover the hole and enjoy the sensation of getting a load sucked out of my cock.

REMEMBER: only use water based lubes!

While stroking, put a finger over the air hole in the back and you’ll create suction. It doubles as a drain when washing it out.

Ussy suction/air hole

The Ussy is BIG, but not bulky

This is a substantial piece of silicone. And that’s what makes it so enjoyable to use.

It feels full in the hand. Even a bit heavy. But easy to control and manipulate at the same time.

In my opinion, it’s nearly the perfect size for a penis masturbation toy. Small enough to easily store in the night stand drawer next to bed. Big enough to feel like a high quality sex toy.

For reference, it’s slightly smaller and easier to handle than my Fleshlight Ice.

The Ussy is fairly large, at about 9 inches long (23 cm).

Ussy is about 9 inches long

It feels solid and well made

The creators of this product claim it will last a lifetime when properly cared for. They also say it will never get hard or sticky.

Sound far fetched to you? It certainly did to me, until I actually got my hands on it and tried it for myself.

From personal experience, very few sex toys are designed to last a lifetime. I’ve had more than a few toys that were used once or twice and went straight to the trash bin.

The Ussy is different. It’s not one of those cheap products you buy from Amazon for under $20. It truly is built to last for a long, long time.

The silicone feels luxurious. The walls are quite thick overall. Yet the whole thing can be twisted, bended and manipulated in almost any way you please.

I was reminded by The Ussy creators that the toy can be ripped if you pull the lips apart with the intention to tear it. See the lips in the image below. I gave the lips a pull myself, just to see how much durability was there. I didn’t try to damage the toy, I just wanted to see if a slight pull would tear it, and it did not.

It’s durable. Very flexible, but doesn’t feel flimsy. Extremely well constructed.

Ussy is very flexible, including the insertion lips

This toy is EXTREMELY easy to clean

I touched on this a bit at the beginning of the review, but it can’t be said enough. A toy that’s difficult to clean won’t get used much at my house. Why? Because I won’t be nearly as inclined to use it if it takes me longer to clean it than get off from it.

This one is different. It’s almost a joy to clean!

Yes, that sounds weird, but let me explain.

Many male sex toys, like pocket pussies for example, are a real pain in the ass to wash off after use. There are cracks, seams and crevices that can take some real work to rinse out and sanitize. Some need to be turned inside out. Others require lengthy rinses and washing out with toy cleaner just to get all the goop out.

Here’s the business end. You put your penis in here, and also run water through it when cleaning up.

Looking through the insertion end of Ussy

Cleaning is simple: go to your nearest sink and turn on the water. Let it get warm, but not hot. Put the business end under the faucet and let the water run through.

Antibacterial toy cleanser is optional, but certainly not required.

Also, no “renewing powders” are necessary (corn starch powder is commonly used). Many lower quality silicone toys, like this one, need this powder in order to feel new and not feel sticky, even when dry and clean.

The Ussy is made with only high quality silicone, so all it needs to stay happy is some love, attention and warm water 🙂

It’s fucking SEXY!

Now how many sex toys can you truly say that about? With a few exceptions, most sex toys are ugly as sin. They serve one purpose and one purpose alone: to get you off.

In fact, it looks so awesome, it made my girlfriend jealous. She said she wishes she had a penis, just so she could fuck it too.

BONUS: The Ussy doesn’t look like a sex toy. If you accidentally left it sitting next to the bathroom sink, and your mother-in-law came over to use the bathroom, she’d never know what it was. Pretty stealthy in my opinion.

This sex toy is different. It’s sexy. It’s seductive. It’s elegant. It begs for your attention!

Ussy, a classy masturbator for men

Where to buy it

If you’re intrigued and wanna get one of these for yourself, jump on over to their online store and have a look for yourself!


All in all, The Ussy is a great performer and I thoroughly enjoyed it with each and every use.

Is it better than a Fleshlight, the world’s #1 selling male sex toy? That’s up for debate. I honestly can’t say one is better than the other. They both have their pros and cons.

A few quick comparisons:

Fleshlight has no pressure control. You can’t adjust the tightness because of the rigid outer case. With The Ussy, you have infinite control.

Fleshlights can be a pain in the ass to clean. This one is a breeze to clean.

The Ussy has decent suction. Fleshlights have excellent suction.

This masturbator is new and relatively untested. Fleshlight is the gold standard.

The choice between one or the other ultimately boils down to your preferences.

If you’re like me, you have both and don’t need to make a choice 🙂


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