Yes, he likes it in the butt. Did I mention he is straight?


I get lots of emails regarding prostate play. Surprising, right?

Every once in a while I get a message that REALLY piques my interest. A message that stands out from the crowd and really gets my wheels turning. An email that makes me just sit and go hmmmm…. that’s interesting!

Today I’m including one of those from a gentleman that I’ll refer to as “Dan”.


Meet Dan

For reference, he is a straight, married, heterosexual male who LOVES pussy. He also LOVES prostate play.

I made sure I got his permission to post this, on the condition that he remain anonymous.

He recently gave me his personal take on this tender topic. Dan has been at this for a while, and really knows his stuff. One of the most insightful and open minded personal experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

Beyond prostate stimulation, he also discovered that being penetrated by a man had benefits he never expected. First and foremost, he discovered that another guy’s cock was a great tool for prostate pleasure.

The most intriguing part of the story (for me, at least)? He learned to separate sex and attraction.

That’s a hard concept for me to wrap my head around, as those two terms seemed to go hand in hand my entire adult life. I mean, how could the terms sex and attraction be mutually exclusive for some guys, but not others? Even Google couldn’t provide anything that answered the question to my satisfaction.

If YOU have any thoughts on how these terms don’t necessarily occur together, I’d love to hear from you. This would be a great topic for another blog post.

Without further ado, let’s get to it…


Le massage au Hamam par Edouard Debat-Ponsan 1883 (2)

Erotic massage



Hey Dave,

I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for a long time. Love the reviews, the experience sharing, stories. Everything you’ve done here is totally awesome.

As I’ve been reading, thinking and exploring different things you’ve talked about, I’ve come to not only love and appreciate ass/prostate play, but loving the fact that men can talk about this openly without reservation here.

I gotta say, I had already been a huge fan of anal toys and exploration before I found your blog about a year ago. So, I wasn’t really a novice to anything here. But, I loved how open and honest you are in regards to your experiences.

That being said, I wanted to talk to you about something I think you need to try. Hear me out… before I continue, let me explain a little about me. I am a straight, married male who like you, happens to be open minded and I discovered my love for ass and prostate play a long time ago.

I’m actually on my second marriage and between my marriages while I was single, I discovered my love of ass play and prostate stimulation.


About 14 years ago, I went to a massage therapist.

He was a cool guy. We were the same age. He was totally legit. Nothing crazy or sexual involved. Strictly massage therapy. I had been divorced for about six months when I started going to see him. I was experiencing a ton of tension in my lower back and it was probably brought on by the stress of the divorce and other shit that was going on with school and life in general.

So, I start going to this guy regularly to work on my lower back. We would make small talk during the sessions and as he tried to release my lower back of all its tension, he’d make suggestions of different ways I could help myself out between visits to ease the discomfort.

One day, about my 6th or 7th visit, this guy asks me in the middle of my session if I was having sex regularly. We had become pretty good friends and I trusted him. He wasn’t weird or creepy. So I answered his question. I told him I hadn’t had sex since the divorce, but I had no problem finding release time alone.


He asked me how often I would masturbate.

I proceeded to tell him I was a twice a day kind of guy. Once in the morning as soon as I woke up before I showered, and at the end of the day, usually right before bed. He asked if I was taking time to enjoy it or if I was rushing my way through to simply get off. I told him I always allowed enough time for a great session so that I could really make love to myself.

He asked if he could ask me a serious question. I said sure. He asked me if I had ever experienced prostate massage and stimulation, either with myself or a partner. I told him I hadn’t.


He said, “You know, prostate stimulation would really help you out.”

“It would really release a lot of tension you’re holding. Does that freak you out?”

I told him I wasn’t freaked out by the suggestion, but, that I hadn’t really considered it. He told me to go online, do some research and think about it. So, naturally I did. This guy never made a move or tried anything with me. He never pushed.




I continued to go to him until he eventually moved and he referred me to another CMT.

The new guy was also really helpful. He had gotten notes from the first therapist and saw that he had recommended prostate massage. About 4 sessions into seeing this guy, he asked me if I had taken the other guys advice in regards to exploring prostate massage. I told him I had.

I told him I’d done research, but never acted on it alone because I found the idea of inserting my finger into my ass to be a bit awkward. I had tried a few times, but found the reaching to be a bit uncomfortable. He asked me if I had a partner I felt comfortable enough with to see if they’d be willing to explore with me. I told him I wasn’t in a relationship with anyone and that I didn’t really have anyone in my life that I could approach about it.


So, he asked me if I wanted to experience it in the session.

I looked at him awkwardly and said I wasn’t quite sure. He said, eventually your doctor is going to do it to you in a few years. He said it was strictly therapeutic and not sexual in nature. He said he felt it would really help me out and that I would notice a huge difference.

I took a minute and said, ok. Why not. What do I have to lose.

With that, he had me lay on my side. He put on a glove, lubed up my asshole, lubed up his finger and gently, patiently worked his way into my hole. I laid there, breathing deeply, allowing him to gently work his way in.


Eventually, he got his finger in and he found my prostate.

He started to rub it gently at first and slowly worked his way up to a steady rhythm. He was never aggressive, but he clearly knew what he was doing and he told me to relax and let it just happen. Needless to say, after a good 10 minutes of his subtle strokes, I felt my pelvis start to quiver. I looked down and saw myself leaking thin white fluid from the tip of my cock and I didn’t know what to do.


Digital rectal exam nci-vol-7136-300


He kept going and eventually I couldn’t help myself. I started to moan and move my body against his hand and before I knew it, I was ejaculating all over the table without ever having stroked my cock. I was flushed, trying to catch my breath when he pulled his finger out gently and told me to just relax. He brought me a towel to clean myself off with.

When I was able to pull myself together, he told me he felt I needed to really think seriously about using prostate massage as a way to release tension in my lower back. He never made a move or anything and always kept it professional. I actually thought it was amazing.

I was never freaked out. He proceeded to tell me the different toys I could invest in that would help me out. Hence, my first foray into using the Aneros massage products, like this one.


I continued to go to him for a few months.

Every time I went, he would do the prostate massage at the end. And, every time without fail, I would experience an orgasm that was unbelievably intense.

One day, as he was working on my prostate, he asked me if I could tell how many fingers he had inside of me. I said I figured it was one.

He said it was two.

Now, I started to get a little weirded out. I played dumb and shrugged it off. Eventually, he got up the nerve to ask me if he could try to get three fingers up inside of me. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that idea, and he respectfully left it alone. As I was getting ready to leave, he said, “you know, just because you have discovered your ass doesn’t make you weird. I don’t think you’re gay.

Your asshole is a part of you. Treat it well. Be good to it. Embrace it. Keep exploring with it.”

I went home that night and thought about what he had said. It made a lot of sense. I was confident enough in myself and my sexuality that I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed for having discovered this new fascination. I loved what I was experiencing and I wanted to try new things. So, I went back.


One night, I had come home from work and I was in a lot of pain.

Sciatic Nerve location

My sciatica was in bad shape. I was sitting at home laying in bed trying to relax and my discomfort wasn’t getting any better. It was around 9pm, and I remember I leaned over, opened my laptop to check my email and there was an email from my therapist. He wrote to tell me he was at a new location. He had literally moved two blocks away.

I was in a lot of pain, so I called him and asked him if he was home and if he’d be able to see me at the last minute before the end of the night. I left a voicemail and he called me back within 5 min. He said if I lived closer, he’d be able to see me. When I mentioned to him that I was only two blocks away, he said if you can get here in 30 min, I’ll totally see you.



I jumped in the shower and headed straight over.

I got there and he asked me how I was feeling. I told him what was going on with my back and told me to get on the table. I got undressed, put my face in the cradle and let him get to work. He went straight for my lower back and told me he could tell I was pretty uncomfortable.

He worked on it for a good 40 min or so and asked me if I wanted to try doing a prostate massage. I was feeling a lot better, so I said, sure why not. He told me to lay on my back and to put my feet on the table with my knees up. I hadn’t been massaged that way before, but I went ahead and did it.

I trusted him at this point. I’d already been to him a few times, so I just laid there and closed my eyes. I started to breathe deeply and laid there waiting for him to begin. Eventually I could hear him applying lube to his finger and putting lube on my sphincter.

He opened my legs apart lifted my right leg towards my chest and slowly started working his fingers into my hole.


I was used to his handy work by now,

and I easily took his fingers into my hole. He started to massage my prostate once he found it and I could feel myself getting hard and leaking precum as usual.

Eventually, I opened my eyes because he was working my prostate differently this time. Sure enough, he had worked three fingers in and I saw that he had a dildo on the table next to his side. When he saw me notice the dildo, which looked to be about 7 inches long and normal in girth, he quietly asked if I wanted to give it a try. I looked at him and looked at the dildo and without thinking, I said yes.

He took the toy, put a condom on it, applied lube and put the tip of the dildo up against my hole. He told me when I felt it start to push in, that I needed to bare down and push out against it so that it would go in easier. I told him ok, and within a few seconds, I could feel him starting to push it inside me. I followed suit, took a deep breath, and slowly but surely, he got it all the way in to the base.

It took a few minutes, but he was patient and I was determined. I had my eyes closed the entire time and focused on the fact that I had this thing inside of me. For some crazy reason, I was totally turned on more by the fact that I took the toy than by the fact that he was going to use it in me.


Slowly, he started to manipulate the dildo in and out of my hole.

Twisting it, turning it, angling it to hit places inside of me I didn’t even know existed. He asked me if I like it, and I told him quietly that I did. I did like it, I felt full. I felt aroused and I felt amazing.

He picked up the pace a bit with the toy and eventually I opened my eyes. He just stood there working the dildo watching my reaction. I couldn’t tell if he was turned on or simply doing his job. But, I didn’t care. I was just taking it all enjoying every second of it.

After a good 30 minutes or so of amazing toy play, I asked him to give me a few minutes to catch my breath. He took out the dildo and asked me how I was feeling. I told him was feeling breathless, amazed, aroused and in total disbelief. I had never thought about using a dildo on myself like that.

He asked me if I was weirded out by it. Oddly enough, I told him, no. Not at all. As the matter of fact, I was completely fascinated.

I looked down and noticed through his sweat shorts that he had an erection. He saw me looking at it. I smiled and asked him what he was thinking. I assured him I was ok with him being aroused and that I was completely comfortable with what he was doing to me.


With that, he said, “would you ever consider trying the real thing?”

I told him, I’d never thought about it. There was a few seconds of silence. Then I looked at him and said, “I’d never considered it, I mean, from a sheer sexual standpoint, everything I’ve experienced has been sublime. I’ve never thought about it.”

He asked me if I wanted to try it. He said, this is not romantic. It’s not gay. I don’t think you’re gay. But, I think you love your asshole. I’d love to show you what it feels like to experience a real anal orgasm. A toy and a finger will only do so much for you. And, if you don’t like it, you’ll know.”

I sat there looking at the floor trying to contemplate what I had just been presented with. After a few seconds, I looked at him and said, “Ok. As long as we are safe and as long as you’re patient. If for some reason I’m uncomfortable in any way, I want to be able to stop.” He said absolutely. I had his word.

With that, I watched him remove his t-shirt, and pull down his shorts. He was standing there in a pair of white trunks, smiling at me asking me if I was ok. I told him I was fine. Just a little nervous. He told me, “dont be. You’re going to be fine.”


This guy wasn’t gay. Really, he wasn’t.

He was in a relationship with a woman. But, he had told me he was open with his sexuality. He loved sex. I believed him. It was weird because, I wasn’t turned on by him. I mean, he was a normal looking guy who took good care of himself.

But, I’d never been attracted to him or any man for that matter. But, I was attracted to the idea of being fucked. I wanted to see what a real dick would feel like up against my prostate and I knew if I was going to feel comfortable with anyone doing that for me, it would be him. I trusted him and I knew he wanted me to experience it for the first time.

He peeled his underwear away from his body and pulled them down to the floor. He was totally hard. He wasn’t big by any means. His cock looked totally normal. It looked doable. It had a slight curve upward and its thickness was totally normal. I thought to myself, I can handle this. I can do this. I want to do this.


He took the lube and applied some to his dick, giving it a few strokes.

With that, he took a condom, held it to his mouth, ripped it open and placed it at the tip of his cock. He rolled it down, applied more lube and asked me to lay on my back and come to the end of the table. I followed his instructions and told him to take control.


He put my legs up, one on each shoulder and pulled me closer to the edge of the table. I could feel his hard head up against my sphincter. The entire time, he looked deep into my eyes waiting for my reaction. When I felt ready for him to go in, I gave him a nod. And, so with a deep breath, I took in his stiff cock. Slowly, very slowly.

After a few seconds, I told him to go further, deeper. He did, very slowly and I took deep long breathes. I could feel my hole opening up, accepting his cock further and further into me. Eventually, he was all the way in. I lay there on the table in complete awe. It was painful. But, it was an exquisite pain, and I could feel my entire body slowly giving into that pain and getting used to what was inside of me.

He reached down and applied more lube to his cock while it was inside of me. Once he could tell that I was ready, he slowly started to thrust shallowly in and out of me. Small thrusts. What was I doing? What was I experiencing? I didn’t know. But, I didn’t want it to stop.


It didn’t occur to me to touch myself.

I was solely focused on my ass and what I was experiencing down there. He was gentle. He was slow and he was patient. I didn’t want him to stop.

Eventually, I could feel my sphincter give way to his cock and he started to thrust faster in and out of me. When I gave him the go ahead, he picked up the pace and fucked me for the first time. He didn’t kiss me. I didn’t want to be kissed. I wanted to be fucked, and that was it. I wanted my body to experience this euphoria I’d read about. I wanted to have the most amazing orgasm of my life. I new I was going to have just that.

He fucked me feverishly for a few minutes. When he could tell I was comfortable, he put his foot up on the table and lifted my ass up a little higher. There it was. That was the position I needed. He was hitting my prostate head on.

Within a few thrusts, I could feel my pelvis starting to vibrate all by itself. I was beginning to quiver with complete abandon and he knew I was in complete ecstasy. I was, I felt helpless and completely out of control. I went with it. Completely and let him hit my prostate over and over again until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to ejaculate.

I reached down and started stroking myself, all the while looking into his eyes telling him to keep going, don’t stop. He would nod and simply tell me, “I’m fucking you.” He was. He was totally fucking me.


After a few short strokes, I felt myself wanting to cum.

I told him I was ready and he told me to let it go. So I did. I started to scream and shake. I held on to the sides of the massage table with every ounce of energy I had in me. I came over and over again hitting my face, my mouth, my chest, my torso. Once I started to ejaculate, he followed suit. He withdrew from inside me, pulled off his condom and within two to three strokes, came all over the floor, rope after rope until he was spent.


huge loads


I laid there on the table, exhausted yet fulfilled.

I’d just been fucked. I’d just experienced something so amazing and so real. All I could do was laugh. He helped me off the table, we jumped in the shower. Again, no touching each other. It wasn’t about that. It was only about the pleasure of the act. I knew it. He knew it. It was awesome.


So, Dave… while I know you’re a big stud and a manly man.

Do yourself a favor. GET FUCKED!!! You won’t be gay. You won’t be less of a man. It’s fucking amazing. Super O’s from all of these toys don’t come close to the real thing. Try it. Try it at least once… You will be glad you did. And, honestly… you’ll be MORE of a man for having done it.







Thanks again Dan, for writing this up! Great work!


So what do YOU think?

Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with a professional male putting a finger in my butt for prostate pleasure. Hell, millions of guys have had a doctor’s finger in there to check for prostate problems. But I’m not sold on the idea of another guy having sex with me. While I completely support any man who wants to enjoy his sexuality in any way he sees fit, it’s just not an activity that interests me, personally.

But if there is anyone who could convince me otherwise, it’s Dan! And man, what a story he had to tell. Even if this activity isn’t for you personally, it doubles as a hot, erotic story.


I would love to read your thoughts and perspectives on this matter.


Reading emails from blog visitors is one of my favorite parts of running this web site. Please ladies and gentlemen, keep them coming! Your questions and comments keep me motivated and moving forward. They help me by providing valuable insight. In turn, this keeps cool content coming your way. A total win-win for everyone!

I NEVER share personal information on my blog for the public to see (read more about this on my terms and conditions page). If you would like to add to this discussion or have a topic for further discussion, please feel free to comment below, or send me an email at my contact page. Your privacy is respected here.



Lelo Loki - for a true prostate disco


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Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :) Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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  1. I’m a woman and I like to sodomise my partners. I experimented pegging with an ex who liked anal play, post operation trans women, and would always talk about threesomes with other men. And my other ex did not want to experiment with me, but told me he would fantasize about cocks. I would love to find a man who likes to get penetrated but I’m scared a woman is not enough to satisfy a man that way. Even with a strap on, it just seems like it’s not the same thing. Also I feel like if one day I’m with a guy and he discovers he wants to experiment, he won’t even think about doing it with me. I’m totally ok with men experimenting with other men and being curious. But I’m really wondering if it’s possible to have a faithful hetero relationship with a man who likes anal play.

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    • Hello Lila, I would like to tell you to not give up and just be open and honest about what you want. I am Male and in a relationship with my female fiance from colombia.

      I had always been interested in anal play and regularly used dildos and plugs to pleasure myself, and enjoyed it. I understand you thinking maybe a toy would be a poor substitute for the “Real Thing” but I can assure you it is just as good as long as you have a partner you love.

      For me it’s not the dildo that makes it wonderful but the woman I love pleasuring me in a way I enjoy. She regularly pegs me and uses dildos on me just as I regularly indulge her in the things she enjoys. I have the best pleasure and most amazing sex with her because she’s her, and it’s been the same for most other men I’ve spoken with.

      It’s not really about the dick, it’s about feeling good and being with a partner who makes you happy. When you find the right guy he’s not gonna be interested in moving on to some guy’s dick just because he thinks it might provide more pleasure.

      He’ll know that his pleasure comes from you being the one to give it to him. Don’t give up searching, you’re going to find that guy you want that kind of relationship with.

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    • lila you should not be worried abought that . i am a guy who has the oppisit . i been married 30 years and my wife intrested me in pegging , and she has the same feeling as you do. but trust me if you meet a strieght guy he will alwalys come back because we need pussy wife was afrade of the same thing , but i can tell you the real thing feels better. i have tried it and it with out her knowing it . and i always go back to her. and it sucks that i have to keep it a secret.i have intrst in the same sex but dam i do love the feeling of the real thing.

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  2. I’m a straight male who loves fucking ass and getting fucked.

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  3. I am a 40 year old straight married man and I must agree with Dan once you get fucked in the ass once there is NO going back. It is the most amazing experience you will EVER feel. I started out going to a transgender sex worker who was nice and kind and amazing. At first it was strange this hot women with a dick, but it was shaved and somehow on her became sexy. By the third time with her I was begging her if I could suck on it. Soon she was taking me in the ass and I was addicted. Every time she took me in the ass I was in heaven there is no description it is ecstasy times 2, makes regular pussy sexy pale in comparison. I am so addicted to her cock that I can see if I got hit on by a man I may let him take me just so I could feel cock in my ass again. I could not kiss a man but I could take his beutifal cock up my ass. Try it once at your peril

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  4. I’m ftm tans guy who identifies as asexual aromatic never been attracted to anyone but do enjoy reading fanfiction. But since starting hormones a year ago. Over the last 6 months I have experienced an increased sexdrive which I never had before. I have started to think what it would be like to submit myself, be fucked by a dick.

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  5. I found my love for anal sex at a young ages and my prostate 10 years ago
    I am 50 and all i can say is Wow!!! when i did find it. I love my prostate and give myself plenty loving but would really love it if my wife would give my prostate some serious massaging.

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  6. Oh my God wow I am in mad love with this website and all the amazing comments and what an awesome blog post.

    I am a 32 year old married male with bisexual tendencies as during my growing years I used to play with my friends dicks and we used to Jack off each other.

    I discovered anal self play and prostate massage 7 years ago and I loose track of space and mind whenever i self fuck myself with toys and fingers. I am also very kinky and enjoy sadist mistresses as I am able to handle and agree with the philosophy of pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain.

    Now after reading this blog I am wondering how should I go about approaching a guy who isn’t gay as I know from experience that I can never kiss a man

    Thanks all and would appreciate some suggestions on using any apps or sites to explore a cock in my hole

    My wife is very straight and plain vanilla so I often found it very boring to have simple sex with her and she knows about my anal toys as well but at this time I don’t feel comfortable enough with the idea of asking her to strap on fuck me as it seems to me that she isn’t into it and she rather wants to get fucked normally in her vagina

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  7. I am a straight married guy. The way you guys describe it, i want to get fucked… I’ve been married for 14 years, and just recently came to the understanding that I’d like to know what it would feel like to suck on cock. I mean, I’ve seen it so much in porn, that I began to wonder….so eventually after a lot of soul searching, I put an add on Craigslist and found a guy….took about a year! Found a nice guy and we exchanged bj. It was so friggin weird but exhilarating too… after reading your story, I want to try the anal. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. I am a straight male. I am 38 and have always dated cis females. The overall majority of my sexual relationships have been pretty homonormative. I have consistently felt that a part of my sexuality was unsatisfied.

    I have loved ass play from my earliest memories when a attractive blonde female nurse put a thermometer up my ass. Ever sense that moment I have had a strong erotic desire to be penatrated analy. I love plain penis stimulationPIV, and all types of oral. I just also want to be fucked sometimes too.

    I have been married to my sexy wife for ten years. We have a wonderful sex life and she is very orgasmic and open minded. Although she had no desire for any type of anal play especially on me(at first this was such a bummer because I love rimming a freshly showered bootie). I have mustered up the courage to purchase and introduce several dildos to her. First uncomfortable starting off with an aneroes Gradually buying larger and larger dildoes. I guess I have really become a size queen, lol. My absolute favorite one currently is the VixSkin Outlaw. It’s sublime. I really appreciate my wife’s enthusiasm in pleasing my sexual desires. Unfortunately I can have a much more pleasurable experience solo. It’s really just not in her nature to fuck something. I often feel a longing to be fucked senseless like her. This has left me longing for something missing from my sex life that is innate in me.

    Well this story could have had a sad ending and it possibly does. I remember the first time that I saw a transgender female in a pornographic movie. I was absolutely mesmerized! I want to be very careful not to generalize. I am referring specifically to the small minority of highly sexualized top trans female porn actors. I mean no disrespect to anyone ever. I knew statistically how minute my chances were of ever finding and possibly dating one of these goddesses was. It seemed hopeless.

    Until I discovered that a lot of these beautiful women work as sex workers. I know there are some negative opinions about sex work. I am absolutely against any human being forced to do something they are uncomfortable with. Especially if another party is profiting from it. With that being said I have found no moral arguments against two consenting adults doing whatever they please. As long as no children or animals are hurt I could care less what people do. So with a semi clear conscience (my significant other is most likely aware but doesn’t acknowledge it) I visited one of these angels. After a couple attempts that failed due to my nervousness I started gaining confidence. It’s important to realize that not all girls and their services are equal. Hell, some adds are completely fakes or scams. You can find ways to discern the difference between honest and fraudulent adds. Once you are able to and can pick someone that is a good match for your sexual desires and energy, your life will change. My existence as a sexual being was finally complete.

    I wish I was gay. I imagine some people might find this wish confusing but it seems so simple to me. I love the raw aggressive sex drive that’s typically found in males. I love the feeling of being fucked up the ass by a hard penis. It’s sublime, I loose track of time and space. I admire the side of typical male sexuality that is non committal and casual. I am just unfortunately not even slightly attracted the male form in anyway. A naked male actually causes a strong feeling that is the inverse to me being aroused. My life would be so much easier. I am average looking and fit, I would have no problem getting my brains fucked out. Also I would not have to pay for these experiences or be involved in a activity deemed illegal by our moralistic legal system. I just don’t have the desire.

    So I will happily continue to pay my money to spend time with these sexy beautiful women. Because I have found there is nothing that compares. These women are truly “unicorns” unique and stunning. If you choose wisely and are generous with your donation(money) you can actually live out your fantasies. Please always be respectful and generous to these hard working women. The majority are sweet honest kind people. They risk a lot of violence, exploitation and abuse. A bigoted segment of our population is openly hostile and discriminatory towards the trans population. Not to mention that sex workers are even more vulnerable to negative prejudices and violence.

    Thanks to anyone that took the time to read my rambling. Hopefully no one was disrespected in any way from the words I choose or the opinions I stated. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I only hope this helps or clears some confusion up for someone. This can be a particularly frustrating and disheartening head space to occupy. The straight male that’s attracted to the female form and femininity in a hedro normative culture. Good luck to everyone and much love.

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    • Your respect for these trans women is obvious and beautiful to read, however I am wondering if your wife is aware of your activities? Having an open honest relationship is an amazing thing, but sneaking around and lying to a woman who has given her whole life to you is not. Exploring your sexuality is a wonderful thing, but risking pain for others in persuit of that is just selfish.
      I am a woman, and me and my partner occasionally enjoy playing with a trans lady together, I wonder if your wife would be happy to share in your adventure.

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    • I thank you a million for sharing. Sometimes it hurts me so much inside and makes me feel like I’m the only one such as myself out there. I absolutely love trans women and bottoming for them, and I also love biological women. The thought of taking it from a man or anything with a shred of masculinity is a major turnoff for me. A therapist even made this suggestion once and asked me if I have ever just thought about doing it with men. If I was just totally gay, life would be a whole lot easier. A thought the crosses my mind all the time. Thank you so much for sharing man.

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  9. I am a straight male who has been using suction dildos to give myself ass sex. In addition my gf has used a strap-on to fk me in my ass on a number of occasions. The only problem is she just isn’t in to it but is happy do it for me. Thing is, part of what gets me off is knowing that she is enjoying banging me in the ass, it wld make me come so quickly. I like the thought of her just riding my ass in the same way that I fk her pussy. I have recently started wondering what a real cock would feel like in my ass. She has said that anal sex with a real cock is much different to a dildo but she doesn’t know I’d like a real dick to fk my ass. I can 100% say that I am not attracted to men. However I do like having my ass fkd and want to experience a real cock in there some day.

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  10. Jupiter this comment is for you..if a man will not date a man, fall in love with a man, and only enjoys the relationship deal with women, he’s straight..he will never fall in love with that man….

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    • Fred, once again sexuality is not just about romantic attraction. Any man who engages of his own volition and due to sexual desire with another man sexually is engaging in homosexual activity no matter how much he prefers women sexually or romantically. You don’t have to fall in love with men and women to be bi. Many bi people do not experience romantic attraction to both males and female. In many of your cases, seems like you are heteroromantic bisexuals. You can only fall in love with women and enjoy sex with them, but you can also enjoy sex with men. And once again, guys, you should not feel ashamed about this. You can self-identify however you want right? But the truth and reality are a whole other thing. I mean this in the most sincere way, guys. Bisexuality is one of the most misunderstood sexualities and only now are many “straight” men opening up to and embracing the fact that they just enjoy male genitalia and what it can do for them sexually. They love women’s bodies and genitals and can only fall in love with them, but they also like some dick in their life too. This is by definition, something other than straight. This is bisexual behavior, plain and simple. Enjoy it!

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      • I’ve heard it said and I agree that there are very few men who are 100% straight or 100% gay. Most men are somewhere in between 2% and 99% either way it’s not a bad thing. My 2cents.

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    • There is nothing wrong with bisexuality. I dont understand why are you so defensive about this. The guy wanted to be fucked by a girl. He actually believed the the true anal sex could only be done with a real cock ( that statement is soooo freaking wrong). He really wanted it. It was not longer about just getting his prostate played and pleasured, it was about wanting a cock inside of him. Being bisexual…there is nothing wrong with that. Welcome to a new range of sexuality. Men who like pussu and cock, and this guy totally wanted cock! Dan, embrace liking cock!

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  11. Dear men on this blog, Bisexuality does not require emotional attraction to both genders. Just desiring sex/pleasure/gratification with the same gender and being romantically and sexually attracted to the opposite gender is enough to get you there. It is 2018 and there is no need to grasp so hard onto being a “straight male.” Most of you here seem to have discovered, thanks to ass play, that your (YOUR) sexuality is a bit more fluid than you realized and that is fine. Desiring penetration does not make you bi obviously, but desiring penetration from a man or desiring having sex with men and women does regardless of the kind of sex, regardless of whether you kiss or are romantic. Enjoy being Bisexual. God knows there is enough bi erasure going on out there as it is. Let go of the mental acrobatics to convince yourselves you are straight. You can identify however you like right, but you are not straight and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that. And most of all, always be safe!!!

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  12. Hey guys….I’m so happy to come across this site and am glad there are guys out there love their butt.
    I love mine too and occasionally during bath i will thrust two fingers to stimulate my anus.
    Thanks for all the wonderful advise.

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  13. Dave, love your site. As a gay man who has been in two long term relationships, I had always enjoyed anal sex with my partners, but anal stimulation was never part of my masturbation play. My last partner died 8 years ago and since then, I hadn’t had any anal play of any kind. But recently, I went to a nearby adult toy store to buy poppers and while looking around, I bought an Aneros-type toy. I had heard of anal orgasms and prostate milking but hadn’t experienced them, despite having had anal sex for many years. I had taken the whole thing as a “package” experience without separating out the prostate sensations. Using this toy, I had my first prostate orgasm and it was, quite simply, electric. I’m hooked now, and will continue my exploration I achieve the mythical Super O.

    But my story doesn’t quite end there. I have finally gotten confident enough to start meeting guys again, and the first one was a friend I have known for a while but never done anything with. He is a total top and with my recent ass play, I was fine with being fucked. But while getting fucked, he hit my prostate regularly and I almost came just from being fucked. That’s never happened to me before. It’s like a whole undiscovered country has opened before me.

    Which just goes to show that gay men don’t know everything there is to know about anal play. And that, more than anything, should help dispel the idea that ass play is for gay guys only. It’s a whole area of pleasure that ALL MEN can enjoy.

    Thanks for helping to spread the enjoyment of prostate stimulation with your site.

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  14. I am a heterosexual male who after a divorce at age 40 was in no big hurry to rush back into marriage. One of my friends who I played tennis with several times a month also went through divorce. One day after a long tennis match and a shower we went out for a few beers. Our talk turned to self gratification and some comparing notes. Prostate massage came up and I was clueless. I did know I loved to massage my anus while jacking off. A lot of hot sensations there. He says to me have you ever given the thought to having your ass fucked? I was taken back a little by the question. I asked him if he had ever and he said no but he had fucked an ass and really liked it and had thoughts about getting fucked. He says ya know if you ever want to try to take your sex life up a few notches let me know. We had both seen each other naked in the showers many times and we are both pretty well endowed. I left it as I will think on this, not sure this would be right, etc etc. He put it as sharing hot pleasure and nothing more. Later on that evening the conversation crosses my mind and as I think I feel my dong responding to my thoughts. I laid back stroking myself slowly while massaging the outer ring of my anus and for the first time decided to slip a finger inside. As I explored I find something that felt REALLY good! I inserted a second finger and followed the sensations for a bit and I came suddenly without the usual warning. I laid there thinking this was not bad at all.

    A week later after thoughts of anal play kept haunting me it was tennis time again. My friend and I play 2 hours on the court and afterwards we go to our local pub for our refreshments. Our conversation on politics came to a halt and I said ya know I been thinking on something you said. He asks me which subject? I said ass fucking. Charlie says oh yeah really? What are your thoughts as I wondered if I may have insulted you. I said not really, we are grown mature men with stable thoughts. I said I was willing to give it a shot. Charlie asks what am I doing rest of the day and I said no plans. He said he hadn’t gotten off in a few days if I was interested. My dong began to react to that idea. I was turned on!!!! I said I will give this a try but not real sure how this is going to work. He said no worries. Come on to my house and lets see what we can get into.

    Thirty minutes later I am at his house and he was talking dirty about what he was going to do to me. We got naked in his bedroom and stood in front of a large mirror slowly stroking each others erections and I am wondering how he will get that in me. He walks over opens his nightstand drawer and says climb up on the bed with your ass near the edge, pull your legs up to your butt. He walks in the bathroom and got some towels and I watch him with that big dick bobbing in front of him. He puts some lube on his finger and slides it in. He talks asking me how it feels and do I like it. He was rubbing that spot very slowly making my insides quiver. I was in heaven!!! He worked me slowly with his long index finger for a while and asks if I was ready to go up another notch. Another notch? There is another notch? And he says yes we are just getting started. He pulls out a slender dildo, lubes it up and says hold still, do not move and breathe deep. He slides that up in me and it was ok but didn’t feel anything as good as finger rubbing me. I told him I liked the finger better. He continues to slide that in and out and working my hole. He would reach over and stroke my dick on and off and I felt very comfortable with all of this new play. Then he pulls the dildo out and lubes my hole up some more. Gets a condom and unrolls it all the way down his shaft. He walks over and sits in a chair motioning for me to come join. Told me to face him and I straddled him and he put the head at my entrance. Told me to slowly try to sit on it. I could feel my sphincter muscle trying to fight as I breathed in and out. I felt myself slowly open and had minor discomfort. I relaxed my legs and slowly lowered down the shaft until half was in. My dick was hard as a rock, he said when u feel right about it just move up and down very slowly which I did. He began gyrating his hips a little and I was on fire in a good way! My goal was to get all 8 inches in me. As I rode up and down on him I would get a little more each time until I was feeling his pubic hair on my balls. I screwed myself at a slow pace while he talked dirty to me which was a turn on. I could feel him slowly thrust too. Then he told me get on the floor on all fours. More lube and he slowly entered me and I was getting into feeling that dick in me. I mentioned he felt so deep in me and he said u do not have it all yet! He started fucking me and my dick was slapping my stomach, all I could do was moan!!! He finally said now I have you good and open, get on the bed on your back. He said spread your legs as far as you can and I felt him sliding in and this felt different too. He pushed my left leg back and I felt him go real deep. Was I ok? I said yeah Finally he pushed both of my legs back and my ass was his then. He rode my prostate and I was leaking precum like mad. That big head was in contact when he started driving all the way in and then all the way out. I had jolts of pleasure all through my abdomen and I was yelling uncontrollably! You like that huh? What ya think? Big cock doing it’s job? My muscles inside tightened around his shaft and jets of cum shot out of me hitting me in the face and chest which I never had had happen like that before. I was flooded! He stopped thrusting to watch me cum and after a minute or so went back to driving it home and I felt him swell in me and somehow knew he was unloading. He pulled out of me and we both just laid there breathless. We had been at it for about an hour. Finally he asked me what did I think? I said I knew I was hooked on that and had no idea that was so hot! He said next time you can do me. I said ok that is a deal! We showered and dressed. I went home hardly able to walk and was sore the next day. But I felt totally unstressed and no tension at all.

    For 10 years we would get together a few times a month and fuck each other every session. If we had Viagra we could go for hours! We never kissed but sometimes we would suck each other before getting going! Prostate toys are a little different and not like the real thing but the results are the same!

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    • I’m at work so I’m restricted as to what I can do and I don’t have time for a lengthy reply, maybe later. I am straight and happily married. I do love ass play an rarely, unexpectedly, while massaging my Vick and balls to get me hard for sex; my wife will insert her oiled finger or 2 into my asshole. I instantly lose control, moaning like a bitch and hoping she will add a couple more fingers. When she asks if I’m ready to fuck as she sees my rock hard dick, I tell her I can’t because I’m about to explode. She understands; drives her fingers deeper into my asshole and within 3-4 pumps my chest and chin are splashed with my warm cum. I apologize and eat her out until she comes. Ass play is addictive and I honestly wish she would finger fuck me 2-3 times a day. She prefers regular sex. I don’t find guys attractive at all and have no romantic desires with men. I must say though that after reading the last couple stories, I am dying to experience the feeling of bending over and getting fucked by a cock. Slowly at first and gradually faster. After about 5 minutes I know I would be helplessly ecstatic and beg him to reach around and milk my cock whine his cock was stretching my asshole out. After coming I would likely fall on the floor and take a nap. As I sit here fantasizing at work my duck couldn’t be harder or my asshole hungrier. I’m going to have to go into the men’s bathroom in a stall and finger fuck myself whine I beat my meat. If I don’t I will definitely cum all over my underwear and the wet stains will be easy for all to see. Thanks guys for listening, ladies too. God I want something in my asshole right now.

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      • I had used toys for years for prostate massage. I couldn’t always make myself cum with them. When I was fifty, I was fucked by a man for the first time. Most intense orgasm ever! NOTHING feels as good as a real cock inside of you. I’m 65 now, and have been fucked by over 70 men, and have three of the best that come weekly to fuck me. It’s pretty common for them to fuck me more than once a week, so my prostate should be very healthy. I’ve been retired for a few years, and am available whenever they like. Sometimes they will bring someone new, so I get to enjoy variety of stimulation. I love sucking a cock hard for them. I’ve lost all interest in having sex with women.

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  15. Hey, this is the first story I have read on your blog as I just discovered your site and what a topic to start with.
    You know I also am a married man and straight. I discovered prostate stimulation a little over a year ago and think it’s fantastic. I have invested in a few toys to find the ultimate but I believe more so after ready the story that the ultimate is the real thing.
    I have always separated love and sex to my wife’s dismay, they are fantastic when combined but they don’t have to be combined for pleasure alone.
    I would love to try the real thing but it’s not something that’s easy found. I’m not sure most people probably 99% would understand at all.
    So that leaves me to wonder what if???

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  16. All I can say is WOW!! Dan articulates his pleasure so well! I’m a 43y/o married man who is also totally heterosexual and loves pussy, that being said if I had someone I trusted completely maybe I would give this a try.

    Since my wife and I have discovered ass play it has strengthened our sex life immensely cause we can both have many and I mean many orgasms! My wife said in the start of our relationship that anal was not something she enjoyed but would sacrifice for me if I wanted it. Well after almost 10 years of being together she loves anal and having anal orgasms as much as I do!!! Go Dan! And love this site

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    • Hey Chris!

      Thanks for your comment and for the kind words. Yes, Dan is the man!

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