Teledildonics: the FUTURE of Long Distance Sex Toys is NOW!

Long distance relationships are tough.

Being unable to touch your partner for weeks or even months on end can really strain the intimacy of any relationship.

New technology like Skype and other video chatting programs can help, but what if we told you there was a way you could actually make your partner cum no matter how far away they were?


With advances in teledildonics, long distance sex toys are finally becoming a reality!


Keep reading to find out the basics of long distance sex toys, how to bring them up to your partner, and to see some of our top picks.



Table of Contents:

  • What exactly are long distance sex toys?
  • Who should try teledildonics
  • The downsides of using them
  • How/when to bring these up in a relationship
  • Recommended long distance toys
    • Kiiroo Onyx 2
    • We-Vibe Sync
    • Kiiroo Launch
    • Lovense Lush 2



What Long Distance Sex Toys Are

Really though, what is a long distance sex toy? Can’t you just use any sex toy pretty much wherever you are?

The key difference between your run of the mill vibrator or Fleshlight and a long distance sex toy is a field called teledildonics.

We’ll spare you the sciency talk and just say that teledildonics is about using robotics and the internet to let you fuck or be fucked no matter how far you are from your partner.


These are battery powered vibrators, plugs, and male masturbators designed to connect via bluetooth to your smartphone. From there you can take control of your partner’s toys or let them run wild with yours!


They’re great for play during steamy video chat or to just let your partner know you’re thinking about them. Some toys are even designed to simulate what your partner is feeling on your toy.


Who Should Try Teledildonic Toys

The people who can benefit the most from teledildonics are those in long distance relationships.

When you frequently spend long periods of time away from your partner, intimacy can become really difficult to achieve.

Being able to actively participate in your partner’s orgasm, even while thousands of miles away, is a great way to bridge that gap. You can still share in play regularly without having to be in the same room.


Some of the groups most likely to enjoy long distance sex toys include:

  • College students on different campuses
  • People who travel frequently for work
  • Military spouses


One thing that really makes teledildonic toys great is how flexible they are.

The male versions are pretty much just good for at home play, but the plugs and vibrators open up all kinds of fun possibilities.

Just about anyone can figure out a way to have fun with things like remote control vibrators, butt plugs, and cock rings. You can take your partner out for a little public play and enjoy that look of intense arousal over coffee.

Another really neat feature of many bluetooth capable toys is the ability to pair them with toys, or even with cam girls.



The Downsides to Teledildonics

There’s really only one major downside to long distance sex toys:


Just about any toy worth owning is going to run you over $100. If you want something really nice you should expect to spend twice that or more.

For that though, you get really high end features. These include:

  • Body safe silicone construction
  • Highly adaptable play options
  • Huge levels of intensity and vibration
  • Smartphone pairing options

You’re spending a pretty penny but getting a really nice toy in exchange. Definitely worth it under the right circumstances.



How to Bring Long Distance Sex Toys Up to Your Partner

Asking your partner to use any sex toy can be a nerve wracking conversation under normal circumstances. Bringing up a toy specifically to be used together while apart adds a whole other level of potential weirdness.

By following these simple tips you’ll be off to a great start however you decide to start the talk.


Stay Positive

Sex is something incredibly intimate. It can be really hard to tell your partner that your needs aren’t getting fulfilled, even if it’s just because you’re often apart.

Try to start any conversation about adding sex toys into the mix with positive statements. Talk about how much you love something they do in the bedroom. Tell them how incredibly horny it makes you, then introduce how hot you think it would be to use a toy or watch them use a toy.


Highlight the Fun You’ll Have

Being able to talk about sex is an essential part of a healthy relationship. When bringing up sex toys, and especially long distance sex toys, make sure you highlight how awesome they can be.

Talk about how much fun it will be to give each other pleasure no matter how far apart you find yourselves. Let them know how much you care about them and focus on having intimate times even when you’re far apart.


Know Your Partner

Right after sex could be the perfect time to bring up sex toys, or it could be the worst. Think about your partner and how they view sex and toys before you start the conversation.

If they’re a little on the prudish side naturally you will have your work cut out for you. Some people just aren’t comfortable talking about sex or sex toys. Guys in particular can be really skittish about using toys on themselves.

According to Sex Toy Education though, there have never been more options for male sex toys.

This makes it a lot easier to find one they’re comfortable with.


Pick Out Toys Together

Probably the worst thing you can do would be to surprise your partner with a toy.

Bring up the subject well before you buy anything, and make sure you involve them in the process.


It’s honestly a lot of fun to look at all the crazy toys out there and find the ones that pop for the two of you. You might even learn something new about your partner’s kinks and desires.


Another thing to keep in mind is how you’ll use the toys when you’re together. A lot of male sex toys are pretty focused on masturbation but there are exceptions. Prostate massagers and vibrating cock rings in particular can be a real blast to play with together.



Some Great Toys for Men and Women

Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is a hands-free male sex toy with a seriously nice set of features. It’s designed to give you an intense masturbatory experience and offers expansive connectivity options.

It’s built around a system of 10 contracting rings with a Fleshlight sleeve at its core. The rings squeeze and release at a variety of speeds and intensities to simulate the feel of sex or a blowjob.

They’re able to create 140 different movements a minute for an amazing set of sensations. You can either sit back and let it do all the work or thrust into it as the rings do their thing.


kiiroo onyx 2


The exterior is a nondescript black, perfect to pack away in your bag when traveling or store in plain sight at home. It runs off a lithium-ion battery that gives you an hour of play on a full charge.

The connectivity features are what really set the Onyx 2 apart. You can pair it to your smartphone or computer via bluetooth and hook it up to all kinds of interesting play.

For long distance play it connects to either another Kiiroo toy, male or female, or can simply be controlled by the FeelConnect app. You can also pair it with regular or VR porn and connect with your favorite cam girls.



  • Intense range of sensations
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Lightweight and portable



  • Expensive



We-Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe Sync is a vibrating toy designed to provide clitoral and G-spot stimulation all at once. It’s a cute little toy built in a u shape out of soft and durable silicone.

The unique shape of the Sync allows you to slip the larger vibrator inside yourself while still easily nestling the outer end against your clit. It can be controlled either from the toy, with a remote or with the easy to use We-Connect smartphone app.

It’s one of those toys that really can do everything. You can use it alone or with a partner, wear it while out and about, or even use it to add stimulation during sex.


we-vibe sync




  • Clitoral and G-Spot stimulation
  • 100% waterproof
  • Can be worn during public play
  • Fully rechargeable with long battery life
  • Controllable via remote or a bluetooth app



  • Expensive



Kiiroo Launch

The Kiiroo Launch is a collaboration project between Kiiroo and Fleshlight, yes, that Fleshlight.

It’s unique among sex toys in that it actually moves on it’s own.

It combines Kiiroo’s industry leading robotic systems and connectivity technology with Fleshlight’s world famous masturbators. Even better, it’s designed to work with any Fleshlight product.

The Launch is basically just a motorized base. You fit your Fleshlight inside it and set it to run at whatever speed and intensity you like.

It’s awesome on its own but where the Launch really shines is when you pass control to your partner. By connecting it to Kiiroo’s FeelConnect app you can let them take full control of the experience.

You can video chat with them as they adjust the speed and pattern of vibrations or pair it with certain toys. This lets your Launch be controlled by the movement and intensity of their own play.


Fleshlight Launch, powered by Kiiroo


The only real downside of the Launch, aside from price, is its size. It’s one of the biggest sex toys you’ll see out there making it a bit more difficult to use and store.



  • Gives actual thrusting action
  • Long battery life
  • Can be controlled by app or paired with other toys
  • You can switch out the Fleshlight within



  • It’s big, like appliance big
  • Expensive
  • Requires a Fleshlight to work



Lovense Lush 2

The Lush was one of the most successful products Lush has produced. The Lush 2 is an updated version that corrects the few problems the original had while keeping its spirit alive.

It’s an insertable vibrating egg that can be controlled either via remote control or with a smartphone app. This opens up all kinds of fun play options for kinky couples. You can have your partner wear it out while you’re together or wear it in while you watch.

The Lush 2 has a powerful vibrator that you can adjust manually or program to run on patterns. One really cool feature is the ability to set up voice triggers.


lovense lush 2 vibrator


It’s crazy how hot it is watching your partner’s eyes glaze over a little just from your voice.

For couples in long distance relationships the ability to pass control to other phones is the key feature. You can enjoy playing together as they watch you slowly build to orgasm, controlling every teasing touch.



  • Intense vibrations
  • Long battery life
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Suitable for public play
  • Can be controlled via voice commands
  • Nearly silent



  • Expensive



The Future of Sex is Now

In the past a long distance relationship meant very limited contact with your partner. Now thankfully there’s all kinds of fun and kinky tech out there to help you keep the flame burning.

Long distance sex toys allow you to actively participate in each other’s play. You can bring your partner to a screaming orgasm while they make you moan and pant with desire.

They’re pricey, sure, but you get a lot for your money in both quality and fun.



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