How to Use a Penis Pump Safely [USER GUIDE]

You might be surprised to learn that penis pumps are an extremely widely used device and are by no means a niche product for men anymore. As more people understand exactly what these devices can do, the more they increase in popularity.

Penis pumps can be used with different outcomes in mind. Some men use them to create a temporarily larger erection, others use them for their potential long term benefits in increased size, and others use them to treat erectile dysfunction and help them to maintain a healthy erection during masturbation or sex.

With all that said, here’s a primer on how to use a penis pump safely.

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How does a penis pump work?

A penis pump is basically just a cylinder that is placed over the penis and uses pumping to create suction inside the cylinder. As you pump the air, or water depending on your pump, will leave the pump and your penis will expand into the area that the negative pressure creates.

This draws blood into the penile shaft and creates an engorged erection as there is more blood than normal inside the blood vessels. Once you remove the pressure your penis will slowly return to its normal size but with the use of an erection ring following pumping many men find that they can maintain an erection for a full play session.

With long term use, some men will also find that their size increases permanently.

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Unlike most medications, penis pumps are affordable, easy to use, don’t require a prescription and they are much less risky than more invasive treatments. You can even use pumps in conjunction with Viagra and Cialis.

That doesn’t mean that there is no risk involved with using penis pumps. They can cause pain, swelling, discoloration and long term tissue damage of the penis but when you know how to use a pump properly you can easily avoid these issues.

It just comes down to knowing how to use your pump safely, as once you do, the benefits will far outweigh the risks.

Rule #1 on how to use a penis pump safely: follow instructions!

As I am sure you have noticed, there are literally thousands of different penis pumps available and while they will work in mostly the same way, there will be slight differences from pump to pump.

The best way for you to stay safe and avoid injury while you pump is to follow those specific instructions down to the last detail.

Look out for a pump with a pressure gauge

Even following instructions, going overboard on the pumping is easy to do, especially if you are new to pumping. I recommend looking for a penis pump that has a pressure gauge or a vacuum limiter.

A pressure gauge will show you the pressure while you pump so you can keep track of how much you are applying to your penis.

A vacuum limiter, on the other hand, will stop you from over-pumping by limiting the amount of pressure within the cylinder for you.

Use a comfort pad or penis pump sleeve

A comfort pad or penis pump sleeve will add some cushioning to the part of the pump that connects with your skin. Penis pumps are hard!

They are made of firm materials and if you don’t have something soft between your skin and the cylinder, they can be pretty uncomfortable to use. Too much firmness against your sensitive skin here can also result in bruising, making it uncomfortable next time you pump too.

A penis sleeve will also help to create a strong seal between the pump and your skin. You need the seal to be airtight so that you can create sufficient suction within the cylinder. A sleeve or pad can also help to keep your scrotum on the outside of the pump which is exactly where you want them. A pump cylinder that is too large can leave room for the balls to be sucked in, but a sleeve or pad can prevent this.

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Get grooming

The other way to ensure that the seal is airtight is to keep your pubic hair trimmed as short as possible. Ideally, you would even wax or shave the area completely. But, just keeping it trimmed will help to keep that seal nice and strong.

If you find that you are following the instructions and you can’t make a strong enough seal, this could be the reason why.

Lubricant is your friend

Using some water-based lubricant around the pad or sleeve will also help to create an effective seal between your skin and the pump. Try not to overdo the lube as this may cause too much slipperiness. Apply a small amount first and see how you go.

Get the right size cylinder for your body

Picking the right size pump is extremely important to avoid injury to your body. A pump that is too small won’t provide enough pressure to create a difference in your erection size. On the other hand, a pump that is too big will apply too much pressure as there is a higher risk of over-pumping. A pump that is too big in width can also mean you aren’t able to create a seal and won’t have any result.

Look carefully at the product descriptions and get out the measuring tape.

You need to measure your penis while it is flaccid and also while it is erect to get the best indication of your pump size.

The outcome is a cylinder that fits you comfortably and still leaves enough room for you to grow. And keep in mind, that realistically you will only increase your size by a maximum of a few inches. So don’t leave too much room for growth.

Don’t overdo it on the pumping

This is especially important for beginners as this will be a whole new type of sensation for your penis so you need to take it slow.

When you are starting out stick to 2 – 3 pumping sessions a week and don’t pump for any longer than 15 minutes at a time. Once you feel more comfortable with the process and the suction then you can increase the frequency of your workouts and train more often.

It’s important to keep your sessions no longer than 15 minutes still, and if you want to do longer then give yourself a break every 10 – 15 minutes. Let the pressure out and stretch and massage your penis to get the blood circulation flowing freely again to help the pumping process.

Also, make sure that you allow the penis to stop growing between each pump. If you can see your penis is still expanding, then don’t pump again until it has stopped. Pumping for too long without a break, or pumping too often is the biggest risk when it comes to penis pumping. It can create temporary injuries like blisters, skin discoloration and numbness of the penis.

In fact, all of these are fairly common amongst beginners to penis pumping and while they are only temporary they can be scary at the time. If any of these do occur, then you will need to stop pumping and take a break until you are completely healed.

Ruptured blood vessels are another risk of over-pumping. If this occurs it will cause instant pain, bruising and swelling and it can affect your ability to get an erection for weeks or months at a time. Another fairly common injury caused by too much pumping is the “doughnut effect” and I am sure you can take a guess at what this might look like from the name.

When you pump you draw blood into the penis but you also draw in lymphatic fluid. This is something that occurs naturally in the body but when too much of it is drawn into the head of the penis it can cause swelling that creates a doughnut look. While this is usually harmless, and temporary, if it doesn’t go away by itself, you may need to see a doctor. And of course, if it occurs, no pumping until it is completely healed!

While this might sound scary, it is all completely avoidable if you go slow and stick to the recommended time per session.

Get a clear pump so you can see what is happening

One of the easiest ways to be sure that you aren’t overdoing it is to keep an eye on what is happening and look for any signs of strain on your penis. That is why it is so important to get a pump that has a cylinder you can see through clearly.

Look out for signs of discoloration or colored spots appearing. There will be some redness but too much isn’t a good thing. Also, pay attention to how it feels. You will feel suction and pressure but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable and it definitely shouldn’t be painful.

In fact, some men find that it feels pleasurable and similar to a blowjob due to the suction created. You should have a good time pumping and if you are not, there may be something wrong.

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Look out for a quick release valve

This is especially important if it is your first pump. Getting a pump that has a quick release valve is a key option for avoiding injury to your body.

All pumps have a valve that is used to release the pressure so you can remove yourself easily from the cylinder. A quick release valve is one that works faster and removes the pressure almost immediately.

So, if something is hurting or there is discoloration or swelling going on, you can release the pressure fast and minimize any potential damage.

Some people can’t use penis pumps

It’s also important to note that not all people are able to use penis pumps and there are some conditions that mean that a pump can not be used. The following people can not use pumps.

  • Those with sickle cell anaemia or any other disease that causes blood clots or excessive bleeding.
  • Anyone taking blood thinning medications.
  • Anyone with priapism.

And, if you are already using medication for erectile difficulties then check in with your doctor to make sure that penis pumping is safe for you.


Although this sounds like a lot of things to consider, you will find that many of these precautions come naturally to you and you won’t need to give them a second thought once you have a few goes under your belt. Follow these simple guidelines on how to use a penis pump safely and enjoy healthy erections and a great sex life.

To read even more about penis pumps, hop on over to The Enhanced Male.

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